Austin, Texas, USA

Vorcha is an instrumental rock band from Austin, TX.


Vorcha is an instrumental rock band from Austin, TX consisting of Michael on guitar, Adam on bass, and Brock on drums. Formed in late 2012 by former members of metal and hardcore bands, they bring that heaviness into their unique take on post-rock. Using complex layers of melodic guitar loops and a powerful rhythm section, this three-piece is able to create a wall of sound you might expect from a five or six-member band. 

5-song self-titled EP released early 2014
New 5-song EP recorded, out early 2016
Founding Member - Southwest Post-Rock Collective (http://fb.com/swprc)
ATC Tech Band Battle - Winner (Grand Prize - day of recording at Arlyn Studios)
Performer at Fermata Music Festival and Austin Instrumental Fest

Fun Facts:
Brock was once arrested by police outside his home after being picked out of a lineup by an assault victim. Claiming an assault took place on a person he's never met, in a town he's never been in, his accuser said he went by the name "Larry Corvix". This later became the name of the second song on the first Vorcha EP. He was quickly cleared with no explanation or apology.


Vorcha EP
1 - Type 4
2 - Larry Corvix
3 - Selfish Years
4 - Maskmaker
5 - Prosopagnosia
6 - Ispahan

Set List

1 - She Cult of the Jehanisphere
2 - A Constant Vigil
3 - Abyss Strider
4 - Toxic Population
5 - Return to the Womb