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Leave me a lie

Can't let go (2013)

What's this life for? (2013)

Mentally Unstable (TBA)



Vorn, 21 years old, Liverpool UK.

My story is pretty simple. I was born in Cape Town South Africa with my parents living there for 5 years however due to the increased crime rate they decided to move back to the UK where they are originally from. From an early age I have always been interested in music and writing songs and playing instruments from the early ages of primary school. When moving into high school I learnt about recording and sound engineering whilst studying the music industry and hip hop music and artists such as Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Eminem, Jay Z, Immortal Technique, Dr.Dre and UGK. Now at university I am more determined than ever to succeed. Battling with a depressive nature, I feel creating music and writing have helped me overcome that and allowed my feelings to be shown which have helped me overcome the issues I have had which are now gone. Ever since I have understood the true meaning of hip hop I have always wanted to implement it into every one of my own songs. My goal is to let people understand me as a person and to touch people with my music and show them that they are now alone with how they feel.

My influences in my music are Tupac Shakur and my father. Both teaching me to push for everything you do and that nothing comes to you and that you must strive and grab every opportunity or you will miss the boat. However I'm doing this for my family to help them and give something back along with my grandad who is no longer here but to prove to him I can do this and anyone in this world who feels what I feel I am doing it for them to show them they are not alone.

I feel that what seperates me from other hip hop artists is the fact my music is my own, it is written by myself it is recorded by myself and the lyrics in my songs are not made up they are real life experiences which people can relate to and it is a way of expressing my inner thoughts. A lot of artists currently are imitating and rapping about stereotypical subjects however I'm writing about real subjects drifting away from what is making hip hop these days looked down upon. I'm trying to get back to intelligent rapping and the use of wording that people will understand but will also listen to and think and have questions once they have listened to my music.