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Welcome to the Vortex, better known as Denton, Texas, where the natives and settlers alike feel the mutual tugs of restlessness and peace. It's a place where creative minds will flourish or flounder depending on how their owners respond to the energies of the Vortex.

Vortexas is comprised of 5 Texas natives determined to change the paradigm of southern hip hop, while staying true to its culture's roots. Although their music is unique to its surroundings, all 5 have long histories in the North Texas music scene from Wee-Beasties to Doctopus, Fingercuff to Skeleton Krew. A short affiliation with Andy's Wednesday Specials brought the weekly event unprecedented success in Denton, putting other local acts on the map like Fab Deuce and HipHopp-Astra.

The Vortexas 2006 independent release reveals an element of thoughtfulness and creativity we aren't accustomed to hearing from southern hip hop. Produced by Juicy the Emissary with help from Matt P and others, the diverse musical selection on this journey ebbs and flows with the class, purity and style of the most veteran of producers. Over intricate orchestraion, inventive rhythms, and smooth production, each lyricist takes you on another ride in the journey through the vortex. Movement and travel are perpetual themes in this album. From the mystical to the political, the solemn to the absurd, their lyrics pose questions of existence, design and social justice.


Vortexas - (Self-Titled LP) (2006)

Set List

Our sets can range from 20 minutes all the way up to an hour and a half... Whatever the situation calls for.