Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

Cosmic vibrations & magick entities invoked through Vortexian chords & combinations of high harmonics... prepared guitars & electro-acoustic phenomena to model strange sonic textures; The future doesn't need words but a sound!


Active since the late 80's in France, Vortex is part
of a strange musical avant-garde, of those that remain hidden to the
general public... visceral sound, prepared and abstract guitars,
melancholic voice and melodies that arise smoothly on a real wall of
swirling harmonies, as a relevant meeting between Nico, Glenn Branca and My Bloody Valentine.
Founders of the duet, Nico Guerrero (guitars and vocals) and Sonia
Cohen-Skalli (bass and vocals) have been joined on stage since January
2015 by Arthur Geffroy (guitars and keyboards) for new concerts in France, Iceland, and Europe. The news of the Parisian
band have always been rare and fragmentary, as well as the official
recordings. Their "Eksaïphnès" album released in 2002 on the French
label "Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier" (Pascal Comelade, Keiji Haino, Kas Product, Etant Donnés...) is probably one of their best incarnation.








- Vortex "Eksaïphnès" CD - 2002 [Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier / réf.cat. 54065]
- Vortex "Coriolis Project" - 2003 - Unreleased.
- Nico guerrero "Quatum Musics" & "Agartha" - 2006 - Unreleased.
- Vortex "Eksaïphnès" - Digital reissue 2010 [Zimbalam]
- Vortex "Horns of Jericho" - 2011 [Shinto Records]

Coming soon:
- Vortex "Agame" - new CD+digital version 2012
- Vortex # Live at Les Voûtes 2004 [Zimbalam 2012]

Set List

- Nicolas Guerrero / guitars, machines, vocals.
- Sonia Cohen-Skalli / bass, vocals.

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> France:
Association "Le Chant des Egrégores" / Vortex
addr/ 162 rue du temple 75003 Paris - France
e-mail/ vortex.guerrero@gmail.com
tel: 0667645230 (Bertrand)

> Iceland:
Vortex / Nicolas Guerrero
addr/ 33 Bergþórugata, 101 Reykjavik - Iceland
e-mail/ vortex.guerrero@gmail.com
tel: (+33)667645230 (bertrand)