Vortex Tribe

Vortex Tribe

 San Francisco, California, USA

Combining improvisation with elements of rock, funk and world music, Vortex Tribe’s sound swells with hardhitting, danceable grooves. The pedigreed performers bring a breadth of prowess, deftly blurring the lines between genres and creating a sum that is far greater than its parts. This is music you move to.


Just returned from their second South Pacific tour, Vortex Tribe is a perfect storm of rich experience and fearless talent, delivering a well-honed sound and a dance-inducing punch. Combining improvisational jazz with elements of rock, world music, and sophisticated classical arrangements, Vortex Tribe’s sound swells with hardhitting, danceable grooves and rich, sonic landscapes bringing a unique sensory experience to your ears.

Jon Mulvey’s soaring guitar lines interweave with Deborah Yates’ dazzling flute and both bring pedigreed backgrounds to the bandstand. The members of Vortex Tribe have performed with Joe Satriani, Al DiMeola, Ronnie Montrose, Robin Trowers, and Heart. Their 2010 South Pacific “This and That Tour” was in support of Jon Mulvey’s latest instrumental CD with Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel) and Stuart Hamm (Satriani).

This is music you move to.



Vortex Tribe - Transitions (2009)
Jon Mulvey Solo - This and That (2011)

Set List

The set is up to 2 1/2 hours long and are an 'evening with'.

There are three separate components which provide an excellent and exciting show.