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"Interview with Eddie from Victim of Thought"

Formed in 2005, Birmingham, Alabama's VICTIM OF THOUGHT is as solid of a metal act coming out of the underground scene as you can get. They combine elements of razor-sharp Pantera riff domination with an Anselmo-esque howl cry vocal delivery breaking off at a level just about any extreme music fan is going to appreciate. Citing main influences such as Judas Priest, Stone Temple Pilots, Life of Agony, Corrosion of Conformity, Victim Of Thought have really started to make people take notice of them on their local club scene and judging from their increasing popularity on MySpace, I predict this is going to be a band that goes very far in the immediate years to come. -

"Interview with Scott from Victim of Thought"

Birmingham, Alabama's VICTIM OF THOUGHT truly is one of those rare underground finds for me this year that I just sit back with a big ole grin on my face. These guys are what heavy metal is all about. Period. They almost seem like they've been locked up in a room somewhere since the end of the 90's when bands like Pantera and Alice In Chains, who they draw so much inspiration from, were taking the genre to new heights. These guys are clearly untouched by the corporate manufactured metal -sound and influence that is seriously tarnishing the great name of metal. It's bands like Victim Of Thought who are going to be at the forefront when all the faux metalers finally call it a day. I am really excited to be working with them and even more thrilled to have a chance to interview one of the underground's most talented singers, Scott White.

- & The Metal Den


2005 - Demo(out of print). 3 Songs Separate, Ball and Chain, The Last

2008-li(fe)-EP AVAILABLE NOW!



-Victim of Thought – Biography-

Victim of Thought is an original Metal/Hard Rock band from Birmingham, Alabama and formed in 2005. The line up is: Scott, Benny, Rikki and Ed_E. Each of whom have veteran experience in the Birmingham and regional Hard Rock/Metal scene. The band immediately began writing material with elements of thrash, hard rock, hardcore metalcore, European metal and power groove metal (think Pantera). All of these influences together have molded a sound of aggressive vocals backed with harmonic hooks, melody/crunched guitars held down with pounding bass and tricky double-kick grooves. Victim of Thought has found their way to be original in a genre saturated with bands consisting of similar elements.

VoT quickly became a staple in the local music scene by playing their first show as a band to a near capacity crowd at The Nick (The CBGB of the South) in Birmingham, Alabama (a feat rarely achieved by anything less than a popular national or regional act.)

The momentum didn’t stop there. VoT has become a favorite for club owners and concert promoter’s alike due to their intense and powerful live performance. In 2006 and 2007, the band was fortunate enough to secure opening slots for the following signed artists: Nine Inch Nails (Interscope , Nothing, Island, TVT, Rykodisc)In This Moment (Century Media Records), 3 Inches of Blood (Roadrunner Records), Vampire Mooose (Rotten Records), Lillian Axe (Metro City/Screaming Ferret Wreckords), and Straight Line Stitch (Koch Records) and many other popular regional acts.

In March 2008, VoT self-released their first EP, li(f)e. Li(f)e is the band’s testament to survival through hardship. Whether it is losing a band member, losing a friend, relative or simply the trials and tribulations of pursuing a music career against all odds, VoT has proven time and time again that they’re not going away. Whether conquering life or the lie, li(fe) is VoT’s proof that perseverance through hardship garners strength.

Victim of Thought enters this stage of their career as a label-ready, touring band eager to conquer both aspects of the industry. Li(f)e displays their talent and originality but the live show showcases the passion and strength in what they do. DO NOT miss the opportunity to share this experience of truth and li(f)e.