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The best kept secret in music



VOW's self title release is a must have in everyone's rotation. This Birmingham, Alabama band delivers all eight tracks with a pure passion that needs to be heard. With various styles and tempos, you'll be able to complete the full spectrum of worship, from reverence to full on Holy Ghost fire. From the track, "Be Still," which cries out for an all out worship session in your living room, to "Freight Train" that entices the listener to develop their bond with Christ, this cd is definitely worth your dollar.

The song "Teddy Bear" is a powerfully honest track about the way some people treat God. It gets stuck in your head because of the catchy tune and friendly sound, but the lyrics take it to your heart and worship God while informing you that He is not just a warm fuzzy teddy bear, He's our God, bigger and better than our wildest imaginations. All in all this cd lacks nothing. Every single song is exceptional and the order of songs makes each one compliment the other. Fresh Fishwrap says: Well done good and faithful servant!

by: Joshua Grimwood - Fresh Fishwrap Magazine

"Grace 2003"

VOW: It stands for Vehement Over Worship. But the band is just as passionate about its music. The Birmingham band mixes rock, reggae, folk, and rap into a unique blend that never wavers in its lyrical committment to Christ. VOW opens for Derek Webb at Grace 2003. - Weekender

"the progress ep"

After several sittings through this ep one thing was evident, VOW more than stacks up to todays (Christian) hit songs and writers. This high production, Waterdeep influenced album, not only is well written, but well performed. The vocals are clean, and well sung with as solid a mix that I have heard from an indie band. The other thing I noticed after my first initial listen was this is a band for the CCM crowd. Theres hooks, theres sing-a-longs, and theres enough warm fuzzy feeling for all. For those of you listening to Top 40 Christian radio this is right up your alley. Over all this is a solid release with plenty of hook to keep em coming for days. As for me I'm giving this one a 4 out of 5.. I'm outa here.....oxmoses - BT Media Group (www.btmediagroup.com)

"the progress ep review"

This EP from the Alabama based band features four
well crafted songs. The band's sound is rich and full yet still very crisp. Along with the music the vocals are also stellar
featuring both male and female fronted vocals. The background vocals also blend seamlessly into the song's mix.

This band has a true passion for serving the Lord
and it shines brightly in their music and song lyrics.
The first song is, "All He Wants," it talks about
how God wants you to come to Him with an honest and open heart and not to get caught up in all the unnecessary
religious trappings we sometimes burden our faith down with.

Next is, "Let Your Light Shine," that talks about
the need to have a real relationship with God and being willing to take a stand for your faith and the need to share it also with others.

Next up is, "267," the song is a reminder of just
what Jesus went through for us on the cross. No matter what terrible things they did to Him, He responded with His Love to them.

Last is the song, "Glorious," which is a melodic song of praise to God and all of His Glory.

This EP offers you 4 great songs both musically
and lyrically. If you haven't had the chance to hear this band before then this is the perfect opportunity to experience their wonderful music.

by C.W. Ross
http://www.freewebs.com/cronline/croezine.html - Christian Rockers Online

"Band on the run: VOW"

Band on the run: VOW
Friday, July 16, 2004
News staff writer

What: Rock band from Birmingham.

Personnel: Brad McConnell, vocals and guitar; Jennifer McConnell, vocals and keys; Tim Stewart, bass; Andy Bearden, drums.

Discs: VOW released a self-titled disc in 2002 and "The Progress EP" this year.

Where you'll see them: VOW will perform Sunday at Big Mountain Coffee Company in Helena. The group will also hit the stage July 22 at the Rock N Roll Beach Club in Orlando for the Battle of the Bands competition.

Behind the music: "Brad, our guitarist and lead singer, writes all our songs, but we all participate in arranging," Jennifer McConnell says.

It's a fact: VOW has been selected to compete in the Battle for the Boat competition. If the band gets the most votes for the best band, it will be playing on The Rock Boat, a concert cruise, along with Cowboy Mouth, Tonic and Sister Hazel. The voting page can be accessed through the group's Web site.

Relating to the music: "Some people relate because they agree with the lyrics," Brad McConnell says. "Other people relate simply on a musical level. We try to make it accessible with strong vocal melodies while still keeping the instrumentation really interesting."

On that note: The band members say they are Christians but don't try to preach at their shows or force their religion on anyone. The musicians say although they are coming from a Christian worldview, they don't feel like their music is limited to the Christian industry or only for Christians. Rather, the lyrics deal with things everyone can relate to.

Band in making: VOW was formed in the summer of 1997 and played churches across Alabama during the late 1990s. In 2002, the band reformed with new players and has started to perform across the Southeast.

What keeps them performing: "We all feel called by God to play music," Jennifer McConnell says. "So, even when things are rough we know there is purpose in it."

What they hope to accomplish: "We want everyone who listens to our music to be changed for the better," Brad McConnell says. "Whether we give them some deep spiritual truth to think about or just a nice groove, we want our listeners to really enjoy it."

How it's unique: "It's our own style," Brad McConnell says. "We really play what we like and what we feel. I think it's representative of our influences without being a carbon copy of them."

Best part of performing: "I like after the show the best, talking to people after we get through playing," Brad McConnell says.

Fans: "It seems like people of all ages can get into it," Jennifer McConnell says. "We have had teenagers, college students and even `grown-ups' buy CDs."

Preconcert rituals: "We always pray," Jennifer McConnell says. "We also have a cheesy ritual that somehow has continued to go on at all our shows. We all put our fists in a circle and shout the `word of the day' on the count of three. The `word of the day' could be anything, but it usually has something to do with things that went on that day. Pretty cheesy, I know, but old habits die hard."

Claim to fame: VOW has been on the agenda at the Cornerstone Festival and Meet Him on the Beach in North Carolina, Springfest and Gracefest in Florida, Big Spring Jam in Huntsville, Jubilee Cityfest in Montgomery, Godstock in Gadsden, and Youth Specialties in Nashville.

Also, the band was the Cornerstone North Carolina New Band Contest Winner and a Christian Music Talent Search finalist.

Favorite memory: "We did a small show in Virginia that was well promoted," Jennifer McConnell recalls. "Many of the kids there had our CD before we got there. It was very cool to have people singing the words along with you."

Brad McConnell adds,: "A long time ago we did a show in Geneva when it was freezing. (Stewart) wore this full-body-suit-winter thing. He looked like the little brother on `A Christmas Story' with a guitar in his hand."

Pet peeves: "Musicians who take their shirts off while playing," Jennifer McConnell. Stewart adds, "Very arrogant musicians."

Web site: www.vowmusic.com

Cindy Peek, a staffer at The Birmingham News, profiles music groups in Alabama, especially those in the Magic City area.

- The Birmingham News

"Indie Artist Showcase Review"

Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase Review


I. Talent
3 stars- above average ***

II. Marketability
4 stars- above average ****

III. Website or EPK:
5 stars- Press kit complete *****

The final rating: ****

VOW's pop/rock sound is so contagious that you don't know it's Christian music until the lyrics grab you. The four-member group from Birmingham are musically varied, which lends to an authentic sound. The group's music is uplifting and positive; easy to listen to and good for the soul.
- Music-Tech.Net


“VOW was terrific! Their performance was very moving and entertaining. In my opinion, they could play on any stage in America. I have had the opportunity to hear a lot of new bands over the past few years and I can safely say that VOW can perform with the best. Their musical style is flexible – they offer rock, as well as praise and worship that is awesome. I only hope that we will have the opportunity to bring VOW back to our stage.” - Brian Nelson, Godstock, Gadsden, AL (www.god-stock.org) - Brian Nelson

"Birmingham Buzz review of the progress ep"

Some Christian artists (like Switchfoot) are able to attain mainstream success, and the Birmingham-based pop-rock band Vow has the talent to do so. This four-piece group is led by the husband-wife duo of Brad and Jennifer McConnell. Brad is the guitarist and primary lead singer, as well as the band’s main songwriter. Jennifer plays keyboards and is a backing vocalist/occasional lead singer. The band is rounded out by drummer Andy Bearden and bassist Tim “Timbob” Stewart. Vow’s sound is like a merge of Caedmon’s Call and Sixpence None The Richer (who they have shared a stage with). The band has released their 4-track “The Progress EP” in anticipation of their second full-length album, due later this year.

The disc kicks off with “All He Wants”, an upbeat yet contemplative pop tune sung by Brad. Jennifer provides some nice harmonies, along with some sweet keyboard work that helps propel the song. The lyrics address conflicts in religion and music, asking “Since when does folk music praise God the most?” Yet, in the end, what matters to God is for people to have “broken”, open hearts before Him, because that’s “all He wants”. The second track is “Let Your Light Shine”, a bouncy, catchy pop song with cool reggae-inspired rhythms, pleasant male vocals, and female harmonies. The chorus is both devotional and addictive, explaining that faith is all “for the love of Him, for the love of them, for the love of Him”. The title and lyrics apparently refer to the fifth chapter of Matthew, which says not to cover up the light of Christ. Next is “267", a curiously titled mid-tempo pop song with more of Jennifer’s fine keyboard playing. This thoughtful song talks of how the love of Jesus never died, even after he was nailed to the cross. Finally, there is “Glorious”, a gorgeous acoustic praise ballad sung by Jennifer. Her pristine vocals meld with the acoustic guitar and backing harmonies to create a catchy, emotive devotional about the “Glorious One”. This song is a great way to close out the EP, especially with lyrics as powerful as these: “All I know of you is beyond what I feel, you are the Author of my faith”.

With songs as solid as these, Vow could become major players in the Contemporary Christian music scene and continue to expand their secular following. Vow’s sound is good enough for mainstream play, but impressively they have stuck by their Christ-centered lyrics instead of selling out.
- Birmingham Buzz - by Tim Taylor


VOW - the progress ep - 2004
- "Let Your Light Shine" charted at #2 on the American Christian Music Journal alternative charts
- "All He Wants" and "Glorious" are also receiving national radio airplay

VOW - VOW - 2002
- VOW's song, "teddy bear," has received national radio airplay -

VOW - reformation - 2000


Feeling a bit camera shy


VOW is an accomplished band of Christian musicians from Birmingham, AL. The band achieves authenticity and relevance by blending their varied musical influences with lyrics about God and life with Him. Often described as roots rock with a groove, VOW is one of the most unique bands in independent music.

VOW has been performing across the southeast since 2002, playing with bands like Big Daddy Weave and The Newsboys at major music festivals. After releasing the progress ep in early 2004, the band was selected as one of the Cornerstone North Carolina new band contest winners. VOW’s music has also been featured on the Steelroots tv show. Their single, "Let Your Light Shine," has recently charted at #2 on the American Christian Music Journal alternative charts. The band is currently recording with producer Barry Blair, Audio Adrenaline’s original lead guitarist, and will release a full length album in 2005.

VOW is often compared to popular Christian artists such as Caedmon’s Call and Waterdeep, but they definitely have a unique sound of their own. With a distinctive ability to groove, the band blends rock roots with reggae, jazz, and bluegrass influences. VOW hopes to expand their ministry by offering fans unique music with powerful lyrics. Whether playing a major music festival with national artists or leading worship for a handful of believers, VOW offers music that appeals to the masses with content firmly focused on Jesus Christ.

-Cornerstone North Carolina 2004
-Showcased at Midpoint Music Festival
-Showcased at Rock N Ride Festival
-Performed with Audio Adrenaline at Lake Martin Ampitheater
-Gracefest 2003 & 2004 - opened for Derek Webb & Kristy Starling
-Big Spring Jam 2003 – opened for Warren Barfield

-"Let Your Light Shine" charted at #2 on the American Christian Music Journal alternative charts
-John Lennon Songwriting Contest finalists for the song "All He Wants"
Cornerstone North Carolina New Band Contest 2nd place Winners
-Christian Music Talent Search Finalists- CMTS (2003)
-Christian Music Talent Search Songwriting Finalist – (2003)