Vox Feminista

Vox Feminista


Vox Feminista is the nation's premier activist theater troupe. Using spoken word, skits, video, and music they entertain and inform. Hailed as "Genius" by the Denver Westword Magazine, they are taking the country by storm to raise awareness about issues concerning the LGBTQ and Women's community.


Comforting the disturbed and Disturbing the comfortable!!

Vox Feminista is a multi-media, multi-passionate performance tribe of radicals bent on social change through cultural revolution. We are political activists who blend entertainment with education to inspire and awaken our audience to take action toward global justice.
We combine live skits, poetry, music, and video to create a powerful multimedia presentation that makes you laugh and cry out loud. Having honed our skills over the past twenty years, some of our touring performers include the following artists.

Andrea Gibson is not gentle with her truths. It is this raw fearlessness that has made her a kind of rockstar of the poetry world – a four time Denver Grand Champion who has headlined prestigious performance venues coast to coast with powerful readings on politics, global justice and gender issues. Now, on her fourth full-length album Yellowbird, Gibson’s truths are more intimate and reflective. A powerful live performer, Gibson was the winner of the 2008 Women of The World Poetry Slam (Detroit), and has placed 3rd in the world for the last 3 years by the iWPS. She won a DIY Poetry Book of the Year and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her first book, “Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns.” She has been showcased on Free Speech TV, the documentary Slam Planet, NPR, Air America and Independent Radio Stations nationwide. Now, Gibson is distinguishing herself amongst the other performance poets by bringing her love of music into her current work.

Raven Tekwe has been performing with Vox Feminista since 1992. She was a professional magician for 15 years before turning her eye to activist theater. Her stage characters "Greta the biodeisel dyke" and "Tommy the Technology Addict" have carved their niche into peoples hearts. Her involvement with performance artists and bands led her to explore the world of recording, and she operates her own recording studio. She believes that everyone needs to have their voice heard.

Libby Mann is a video activist. A native of Oklahoma, she became interested in radical media while studying journalism at the University of Oklahoma; her interest expanded when, in 2004, she moved to Boulder to intern in the production department of Free Speech TV, one of the nation’s premiere alternative news channels. In 2004 she also saw her first Vox Feminista show, and sought to become a part of the movement immediately. Through the years, Libby has moved from the stage to the editing table, now given the responsibility of most of Vox’s video work. Vox Feminista has given Libby a conduit to make media according to her ethics. She believes mainstream media is rotten, and that corporate media, like all other facets of capitalism’s consumptive and destructive culture, needs to be eradicated. Her media mission is to present people with underreported and overlooked information and to offer alternatives and new tools with which to unearth their own truths. She is in the process of starting her own production space, Scissortail Productions, and has also worked with Boulder Pride, teaching the BOLD Out Youth Directors Journey Class. “This is pretty much my dream job, queer youth and filmmaking-yessssssss.” Libby enjoys playing outside with her dog and riding her bike; she also makes amazing guacamole.

Oak Chezar is a revolutionary, a performance artist, a dyke, and a writer who has been creating and performing with Vox Feminista for 18 years. Excessive quantities of higher education prepared her to take great notes. Excessive quantities of rage keep her going. Performing standup comedy as Vampyra, her alter ego, keeps her out of prison. The eclectic glories of A.D.H.D. make her a fascinating conversationalist. Oak's other art form is the pleasure and beauty of a simple life; she models alternative lifestyle as a genre of service: showing U.S.ians how to live joyfully with less stuff. From her hand built, recycled straw bale house, she wanders the mountains, memorizing patterns. Whilst working for the decimation of industrial civilization she carries water.



Set List

We have the ability to choose from many topics and can customize a show based on your needs.

Women's Empowerment
Preventing GLBTQ suicide
White Privilege
Gender nonconformity
Body Image
Women and antidepressants
Wise Ecological choices
"The News" the real stories behind today's headlines