Voxhaul Broadcast

Voxhaul Broadcast


Alt rocking blues and soul.


We are often told to make the most of each day. But Voxhaul Broadcast, a four piece band from Orange County, California, took this mantra to the extreme. Frustrated with the formulaic nature of today's indie rock scene, the band decided to record and mix their debut EP "Rotten Apples" live, all in one day. The EP was recorded live by Dwayne Larring, mixed by Dave Larring and mastered by Mark Chalecki at Capitol Mastering.

It was a decision that came naturally to these childhood friends. Having played together in various incarnations for years, David, Tony, Phil, and Kurt began to consider themselves more of a live band than a studio one. Previous recorded efforts had been mainly done at home, laying down songs they had the chance to pick apart and overanalyze. The results of this process bordered on stale, an adjective that is far from reflective of the energy and passion they exude on stage.

After signing with Retone Records in 2007, Voxhaul decided to take a page from some of their favorite artists and embrace the kinks and mistakes that make live records so great. By harnessing a sound that reflects a range of influences from James Brown and Al Green to The Beatles and Donovan, the group composed tracks with smart lyrics and undeniably catchy beats. In turn, the results of their labor are 8 songs full of raw enthusiasm, echoing the sort of musical honesty that turns even the most pretentious listeners into fans.

Currently based in LA, Voxhaul has been steadily playing shows at their favorite Orange County and LA venues. They have shared the stage with Dr. Dog, Eastern Conference Champions and Delta Spirit thus far. Piratecatradio.com called them a "cool Strokesy, soulful alt-rocking quartet" while futuresounds.blogspot.com says "With lyrics like "I need your love in my blood, so I cut off all my limbs", what's not to like? A band with massive amounts of potential and star power in surplus."

Now with the release of “Rotten Apples,” a name they chose as a state of comparison for the current climate of the music industry, the band ready to take off. They showcased at CMJ the past October, played Sundance in January, will be performing at the Noise Pop fest in SF in February and will be appearing every Monday in March at Spaceland in LA. The band also made their SXSW debut this year. With a Summerfest festival appearance and UK dates scheduled for later this year these performances are sure to establish them as one of 2008’s most memorable and genuinely indie rock bands.


Rotten Apples EP (Retone Records 2008)

Set List

1) Rotten Apples
2) Flickering Sparks
3) The Backrooms
4) The Echo
5) Why Not
6) Too Much Thinking
7) Lipstick Stained Coffee Cups
8) When the Wives Come Home