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"Luxury Wafers (13 March 09)"

Outta the OC, Voxhaul Broadcast, flavored a whole lot like Cold War Kids and Kings of Leon, already moves with the poise of a well-embraced band, apparently settled comfortably in a working groove and enjoying their gig of life as successful rockers. Maybe they've had a look in a crystal ball. Let's hope that forecast is accurate. The band's general sound is psychedelic haze, heavy on sedative properties of dope or Robitussin, pavement inside your shoes when the wind's gusting, or suspension in a vat of sticky warm molasses with your very special someone. I personally vote for the last of the three...an interesting dilemma that would take time to navigate. But I digress. Voxhaul Broadcast comes across wavy. Listening is satisfying at all levels of effort. From a nonchalant low-scale effort, the vibe is fuzzy with enough variation and effects to maintain the awareness of an interesting flow of appeasing music in the background. At a more engaged level, the song construction is far from lazy - each tune is spackled with hooks from great to small and doused with memorable, effective repetition. Lyrically, Voxhaul Broadcast's songs call for an active stretch of the imagination: rather than feeding you the story, they ask you to make the story your own by connecting the dots and coloring in the background.

Voxhaul Broadcast's lassez faire confidence goes a long way toward inviting listeners in for a spell. Seemingly prolific in writing, Voxhaul's Davie comes up with new material so fast the band hasn't had the time to affix name tags to the songs. We had three versions of Zowie when Voxhaul visited the studio for their live session, and one or more of the new songs was lyrically refined while the band was setting up their gear.

These guys are a big hit in our book. Fairly straight-forward, unpretentious indie musicians. The kind of guys you could dig hanging out with in a vat of molasses, some stinky living room with beers and pals, or at your own venue out by the walk on brown plaid thrift store furniture under a balmy city sunset.

The songs:

Hendrix flavored and heavy on the flowerchild sound, Fire and Sparks rocks out with a slinky echo of The Doors.

A terribly infectious guitar riff opens and threads the dreamlike storyline of Chain to Reason, dotted by adrenalin-invoking choruses.

Voxhaul's repetition pays in Zowie 2, which treks through a burning, dessicated dreamscape, rehashing the story over and over until Davie goes insane - urgent and misunderstood. Like the story from a dream..."Woke up in the desert with a mouthful of dry sand......" Guitar simultaneously narrates the track like an aminated sign language interpreter in the same picture. The groove escalates until Voxhaul Broadcast sneakily lassoes in every last eardrum with their steady build. "Ooh la la la la la la..." will stick with you, hovering like a pair of frisky cherubs over either ear.

I Never Said That has a pop radio feel. It opens with bouncy, high guitars that continue through the quick paced song while the vocal lays low and suavely rough in appeal.

Loose Change wears like a favorite old jacket that's come back around to style with a few modern updates - think CCR beneath a stormcloud, a little dark and edgy.

Check out all of the songs below and catch a glimpse of their rising star live in Silverlake sometime in April or May. - http://luxurywafers.net/live/2009/3/13/voxhaul-broadcast-livechessvolt-studios.html

"Hello Sweet Radio (23 February 09)"

Voxhaul Broadcast, hailing from Los Angeles, is redefining what pop culture considers “Soul” music in their latest album “Rotten Apples.” The four promising fellows of Voxhaul define the band’s sound as “Our own version of soul” and I have to say, being four white guys from Southern California, they pull it off quite respectably. With wailing guitar riffs (The Echo), danceable rhythms (Rotten Apples), crackling vocals (The Backrooms), and pleading lyrics (Why not), a listener is definitely justified to place these dudes into the Soul category. The boys of Voxhaul Broadcast, currently signed with Retone Records, have produced a well established and consistent sound with “Rotten Apples.” Their unique style fuses current progressive and alternative music with old-school soul and classic rock; definitely a worthwhile and note-worthy listen. - http://hellosweetradio.blogspot.com/2009/02/indieball-post-voxhaul-broadcast.html

"Boston Survival Guide (17 January 09)"

Voxhaul Broadcast blew me away when they supported The Movies at their Spaceland residency show back on December 22nd. They did so again tonight. Psychedelic, bluesy, spacy, dreamy, rocking, jamming… great, great stuff. I also really like David Dennis’s vocals. Go grab their CD “Rotten Apples” at either iTunes or Amazon, and see them live when you can. Their tour with Local Natives and The Union Line continues through Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada, before heading back home to California. And hopefully they’ll all be back on the East Coast very soon. - http://www.bostonsurvivalguide.net/wordpress/?p=333

"Beat Crave (2 October 08)"

It’s hard to be the last band of the night to play, especially when the audience waited through three other bands. Voxhaul Broadcast closed The Echo’s Saturday night (Sept. 27th), and the soul-infused rock band exceeded the audience’s expectations. The four piece band was able to continue pleasing the crowd until the end of the night with their groovy tunes and high energy.

Although The Echo in LA has a small stage, it suited the sounds of Voxhaul Broadcast as they played with such a collective bond. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a band be so into each other on stage. Between watching the bass player’s thick Devendra Banhart-like hair creating a blur in place of his face (lucky genes for his offspring!) and watching the lead vocalist and his guitarist/keyboardist jump around to their own tunes like nothing else could be better, I was more than charmed. They could have done the cliché pair-up on one mic and sing with smiles bit, and I still wouldn’t have scowled.

With the frontman’s vocals sounding as smooth as his baby face looked, the audience soaked in the music and turned the intimate hole in the wall into one big dance party. Rumspringa’s Joey Stevens even got up front and added his bit with the maracas leftover from his set. Voxhaul Broadcast dished out solid guitar hooks and choruses that went beyond their popular “Rotten Apples,” although I think the audience would have gladly taken rotten fruit from the band if they had been chucked from the stage. Just as long as they kept playing those infectious feel good sounds. - http://beatcrave.com/category/reviews/

"Pop Matters (16 July 08)"

Southern-tinged with a hint of Kings of Leon as well as Canadian group Sam Roberts Band, Voxhaul Broadcast excel at creating roots rock numbers that are still simultaneously tight as is the case with the opening title track. Led by guitarist and singer David Dennis, Voxhaul Broadcast moves into a groovier, spacey realm during “Flickering Sparks”. It’s a song that is part Primus and part Pink Floyd. But throughout it all, the band is intent on delivering songs that are high in quality and equally tight, especially “The Backrooms” which is a retro-pop song that Metric might have a better time dealing with. Following a rather mundane and paltry “The Echo”, the group returns with a far better effort during “Why Not” that contains some infectious dance-rock vibes and hues. Perhaps the sleeper pick of this record is “Lipstick Stained Coffee Cups” which is quite restrained and melodic that resembles a B-side by the Dears. And a nice way to cap off the record comes along in “When the Wives Come Home”. There is only one rotten apple in this bunch, the rest are ripe for the picking. - http://www.popmatters.com/pm/review/60295/voxhaul-broadcast-rotten-apples/

"Fatamp Music (16 June 08)"

Let me set the scene, blowing the dust off an old vinyl, placing it gently into place on the player and slowly, slowly bringing the stylus down and placing the needle down. A few crackles, a few more and then…

Unfortunately, California’s Voxhaul Broadcast are only so far making their music available on CD but there is something very vintage about this band’s music, something that indicates it was born to blast out of a crackly vinyl player. Of course if we were to flash back to the 60s people gathered around the player would more likely than not stand aghast, not quite ready for the new breed of rock. With this EP Voxhaul Broadcast have shown, quite successfully, how sounds of yesterday can entwine with the sound of today to create a modern soul infused British rock sound.

Thick with sound from guitars to organs to a vocalist with an impressive vocal range, with Rotten Apples Voxhaul Broadcast mesh melody with mash-up to create a set of 8 memorable tracks.

Personal highlights include slower number “The Echo”, the jangly “Why Not?” and the more up-tempo western cowboy-esque track “Too Much Talking.” - http://fatampmusic.com

"Classic Geek Theatre (18 March 08)"

Last night at Spaceland was one of the five best nights of music I've seen this year.
Voxhaul Broadcast. Holy shit. Where have I been while this has been going on?!

The fourpiece calls their sound "our version of soul music". I heard a lot of The Doors, which makes sense with their own description. The band plays with some kind of old keyboard thing (sorry, I'm not a gearhead) and it really elevates their music. There's a blues rock aspect, and I wonder if Voxhaul Broadcast isn't filling the void left by The Cold War Kids when they got too big to play locally once a month. Also? Whatever bass distortion was going on sounded wicked.

Voxhaul Broadcast threw a woven blanket of sonic splendor in your face that insisted you pay attention. There was no ignoring it. Trying to ignore what was coming out of the PA would be like standing in the Pacific Ocean and trying to ignore the water; you had no choice but to be enveloped and soaked in it. This was really, really smart music... but it didn't turn its nose-up at having fun, either.

Is this more common than I realize? I feel like Oliver Future gets the same reaction, and I think maybe there is a whole segment of music-goers in the Echo Park / Silverlake scene that doesn't really get recognition or representation in the local blogosphere. Somewhere out there is this horde of people who are going to The Echo and Spaceland because it's fun. I love it.

I'd left my final Monday in March open. No longer. It belongs to Voxhaul Broadcast. They purchased my future time with their talent I give you my strongest encouragement to join me. - http://www.classicalgeektheatre.blogspot.com/

"The Bay Bridged (05 March 08)"

LA’s Voxhaul Broadcast showed a lot of energy during their opening set, even if it was a little tough to pin the band down to a specific sound. To that end, the group’s slower songs blended a thick, fuzzy low-end with airy melodic vocals in a way that simultaneous took great advantage of the club’s sound system while maintaining an engaging warmth. The band’s MySpace page cites a mix of soul and Motown influences, and a number of tunes made good on this claim. Still, the band also offered a number of dancey-pop-rock songs that, reminiscent of another “Vox-” band among others, felt a little more predictable and straightforward. They were still plenty catchy, but didn’t leave the same imprint. - http://www.thebaybridged.com/2008/03/05/noise-pop-2008-magic-bullets-human-giant-voxhaul-broadcast/

"Laist (28 December 07)"

85. Voxhaul Broadcast - Rotten Apples EP

L.A.'s own Voxhaul Broadcast are something to write home about. Sure, they tend to sound a lot like The Strokes and even the Walkmen. Regardless, we should all be proud to call them our own because their debut Rotten Apples EP is stupendous. I will forever associate "Rotten Apples" with LA, merely because I'll be missing it so much when I move to Brooklyn in '08. This song serves as a microcosm of the rest of the eight song EP. Each meticulously crafted guitar line is an advance and by the time singer-guitarist David Dennis croons his distinctive melodies, you've surrendered your will. While everyone and their mother is quick to regard Vampire Weekend as the "Next Big Thing," they often overlook the more deserving talent in their own backyard. - http://laist.com/2007/12/28/top_100_albums.php

"LA Times November 22, 2007"

Their name has been mumbled, mangled and maybe even mocked -- not that the four guys in Voxhaul Broadcast can blame anybody. "Every name we'd pick would be taken," singer-guitarist David Dennis says, "so we thought, 'Let's make up some words and hope it's not taken.' " In a way, the Orange County quartet set about making their music in similar fashion. "If it sounds too reminiscent of anything, we kind of [rough] it up," Dennis says. "It's really easy to be cliché; you have to be picky about what you do." Voxhaul Broadcast's twitchy, soul-infused rock isn't brand new -- but the work of Dennis, guitarist-keyboardist Anthony Aguiar, bassist Phillip Munsey II and drummer Kurt Allen is distinctive, if only because it originated on an O.C. landscape populated by harder-edged bands. "It used to be a band like us could not play a show without being booked with a hard-core band," Dennis says. "Now there is a lot of other music coming out of Orange County." The band's "Rotten Apples" EP, out on Retone Records, recalls the Charlatans UK or the Strokes more than any suburban thrashers. The quartet (pictured from left, Aguiar, Munset, Dennis, Allen), now based in L.A., has spent much of the fall on tour (next: Monday night at the Viper Room). "Right now we're just trying to get our name out there," Dennis says. Such as it is. - Kevin Bronson


2) Flickering Sparks
3) The Backrooms
4) The Echo
5) Why Not
6) Too Much Thinking
7) Lipstick Stained Coffee Cups
8) When The Wives Come Home



We are often told to make the most of each day. But Voxhaul Broadcast, a four piece band from Orange County, California, took this mantra to the extreme. Frustrated with the formulaic nature of todays indie rock scene, the band decided to record and mix their debut EP Rotten Apples live. In one day. So on a sunny day in June the record was recorded live by Dwayne Larring, mixed by Dave Larring and later mastered by Mark Chalecki at Capitol Mastering.

It was a decision that came naturally to these childhood friends. Having played together in various incarnations for years, David, Tony, Phil, and Kurt began to consider themselves more of a live band than a studio one. Previous recorded efforts had been mainly done at home, laying down songs they had the chance to pick apart and overanalyze. The results of this process bordered on stale, an adjective that is far from reflective of the energy and passion they exude on stage.

After signing with Leftwing/Retone Records early in 2007, Voxhaul decided to take a page from some of their favorite artists and embrace the kinks and mistakes that make live records so great. By harnessing a sound that reflects a range of influences from James Brown and Al Green to The Beatles and Donovan, the group composed tracks with smart lyrics and undeniably catchy beats. In turn, the results of their labor are 8 songs full of raw enthusiasm, echoing the sort of musical honesty that turns even the most pretentious listeners into fans.

Currently based in downtown LA, Voxhaul has been steadily playing shows at their favorite Orange County and LA venues. They have shared the stage with Dr. Dog, Eastern Conference Champions and Delta Spirit thus far. Piratecatradio.com called them a "cool Strokesy, soulful alt-rocking quartet" while futuresounds.blogspot.com says "With lyrics like "I need your love in my blood, so I cut off all my limbs", what's not to like? A band with massive amounts of potential and star power in surplus."