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"The Rockstreet Journal Music Festival by Dan Gluckman"

Voxhound hit the stage and propelled a wall of sound into the crowd. When I hear the name Voxhound I think a lot of things, so let’s take it literally: “hounding” good vocals. Look no further; this guy can fucking sing, plus the band rocks hard; dragging sludgy, metal guitars, mixed with screaming solos, over melodic vocals. Voxhound’s got the quick jab and commercial sensibility of Nickelback, and their songs are very accessible. The fusion of guitars spiraling into my ears was dizzying, and halfway through the set I got lost trying to follow the bassline. Later, J, from The Radio J Show, hopped on stage to belt out guttural rasps from “Drown”. All told, Voxhound was a great time. - Playgroundz.net

"VOXHOUND: Leading the New York Rock Alliance"

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of bands asking me, “How do I get on the cover of Aural Fix?” Well the answer is fairly simple... do something in the Long Island Music Scene! Do something off Long Island, like book a tour (see bands like Blameshift, Seer, Sick As Monday, etc.). Release a CD, innovate in the way you promote, forge your own path musically and deviate from the local emo herd... but do something to make yourselves newsworthy! In lieu of that, showing up to one of our events is a sure fire way to get yourselves on our radar and on the fast track to coverage. We appreciate bands that actually support their scene...

Take the band Voxhound for example. Featuring Lou Mancuso on lead vocals, Frank Scheno on guitars, John Ruddy on Guitars, Charlie Grimm on bass, and Adam Dunn on drums, the band churns out powerfully melodic rock. Although this lineup may change from time to time, the band continues to rock out live monthly.

The first time I caught the band live I immediately recognized the forceful vocals of Mancuso from his previous project Veraspeed. Voxhound I don’t think is quite as hard as Veraspeed was, and definitely has a much accessible sound.

The band is fairly a new project but have already been making waves, their song “Drown” was selected by Baremetal Records for a comp CD that was sent to the troops in Iraq, performed at the national launch of SKOPE Magazine, and had their song “A Little Bit Of Me” featured in TV ads promoting Soundroom Studios on MTV & VH1.
In February of this year they officially released their first full length CD, “Another Victim” and sold over 200 CD’s at the release party. The CD has been receiving airplay locally on FM and internet radio.

Now while the band may not be breaking any new ground sonically, it is undeniably muscular rock at it’s best – tightly played and engaging, but that’s not what caught my attention. What did interest us here at Aural Fix is Mancuso and company realized that while there is a vibrant emo & punk scene here on Long Island (at this point it seems half of Long Island is signed to Victory Records...), the days of the ROCK club and straight ahead rockers are a bit less visible. Maybe it was the long standing rock venues closing, maybe it was the local radio burying it’s head in classic rock – whatever the reason it seems that the Rock Show is not what it used be here on Long Island. So they band recruited a few other local rock bands with similar work ethics; Korro, Render, Tragic Orange, and Soul Shake to form The New York Rock Alliance.

The bands meet regularly, and employ divide and conquer techniques; pooling resources and plain using plain old co-operation. They are trying to do NYRA live shows once a month, sharing a backline with each other to reduce set up and break down between bands (keeps the night moving and fans from wandering). They try to avoiding booking individual shows too close to the NYRA nights, and when one band does an individual show, other NYRA members come down to support.

Long time Aural Fix readers will say, “hey – this sounds familiar....” because they probably remember The Pop Conspiracy Productions with a core group of excellent pop rock bands: Early Edison, Iridesense and This Island Earth who did a similar thing back at the turn of this century with great success. Unfortunately only Iridesense is still active from that core group these days.

The point is that you Long Island bands should spend less time carping about the scene, and more time doing something about it like Voxhound and the NYRA bands. By working together Long Island musicians get gain more than going it alone, we saw it before with the PCP bands and I expect the same results with the NYRA artists.
In fact, there is also another group of bands being lead by Zero II None which is calling itself, Support Your Scene which we’ll be looking into next issue that are dong similar work.

The next NYRA show will be Friday, May 18th at McCoys in Commack and will feature the core bands: Korro, Render, Tragic Orange, Soul Shake and of course Voxhound.

Voxhound has begun touring off Long Island with select dates in New Jersey and LA, for more information visit their web sites:

For more information, please visit:
voxhound.com or www.myspace.com/voxhound
- Aural Fix - Mike Ferrari

"Michele Rizzo's Birthday Show - Vintage Lounge May 21, 2006"

VOXhound, who was one of approximately ten referrals to Michele from this writer and promoter, took the stage next. Two of the songs they performed were "My Desire," and "A Little Bit Of Me." I would consider these the best songs that VOXhound currently perform, in fact VOXhound need more songs that fall into this caliber to go to the next level. "A Little Bit Of Me" was featured in an ad promoting Soundroom Studios and VOXhound for MTV & VH1. The tune has a catchy riff and the chorus has a great hook. "My Desire" is a heartfelt love song ballad that showcases the vocal talent of Lou Mancuso and the versatility of Adam Dunn on drums and Charlie Grimm on bass. One of the members of the band New York Dynamite joined Mancuso on vocals for a song in the set. It's important to note that an additional guitarist was added to the band over the last several months, Frank Scheno, who will add to the abilities of John "Doc" Ruddy. In fact Scheno was fully in charge of guitar responsibilities for VOXhound at Michele's Birthday Bash.
- story & photos by Vinny Dimarco


They're New York's Finest -- rockers.

Voxhound last night won the title of best NYPD band, along with the chance to open for a famous recording artist at a Live Nation concert later this year.

Voxhound went up against six other groups in a competition at the Gramercy Theatre that featured celeb judges Marky Ramone of the legendary punk group and DJ Maria Milito of Q104.3.

Proceeds go to the NYPD Widow's & Children's Fund. Tim Perone - The New York Post

"LI's VOXhound Wins 'Bandslam' Contest, Rocks Our Morning"

WPIX held a contest for one lucky band to receive the opportunity to perform live on the PIX Morning News show. You voted and VOXhound won the spot! They came to the studio and performed "Changes" off their album Another Victim.

VOXhound is John Ruddy, Adam Dunn, Charlie Grimm, Frank Scheno and Lou Mancuso. This native Long Island band was formed in 2004 and they describe their music as "modern, driven rock that will saturate your ears' needs for a sonorous thrill-ride! Tight, punchy rhythms brilliantly complement an array of colorful melodies. [...] Each song energetically radiates themes of pain, love and longing desire." They cite Audioslave, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Revolver and Guns N' Roses as some of their major influences.

VOXhound recently won the 2009 NYPD Battle of the Bands, a competition which pitted seven bands against each other for a shot at stardom, while raising money for the NYPD Widow's and Children's Fund. The band's winning song was their interpretation of "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel.

VOXhound is working on their second album. For more information on VOXhound, visit www.myspace.com/VOXhound. - WPIX Channel 11


Sometimes life gets in the way of our dreams but, when given a chance, dreams really can some true. This happened on Monday evening when Long Walk Entertainment in association with Live Nation gave seven bands with at least one member of the NYPD or PBA a shot at stardom, while raising money for the NYPD Widow's and Children's Fund. It’s the second in a series with this one following the Battle of the Bravest held in March, a benefit that pitted NYC Firemen head-to head in a battle of the bands.

The event was the brainchild of Long Walk Entertainment’s founder, Andrew Gerardi. Living in a neighborhood with many friends who are cops and firemen, Gerardi's no stranger to understanding the psyche of many of them who turn to music as a creative outlet after what really is a "tough day." His goal was to give back to these guys and provide an opportunity to fulfill a dream that seems so out of reach.

This inaugural event held at the Gramercy Park Theater had just the right mixture of celebrities like hosts Marky Ramone and New York's 104.3 radio talent Maria Milito; legendary concert promoter (and my former boss from the 90's) Ron Delesener; execs from the big labels and management; and among the fans, model and actress Paulina Porizkova, whose brother Kym took the stage as lead singer for one of the particpating bands Sweet As Ether.

Old school tactics were used in the selection process for participating bands - promotional flyers were hung in precincts throughout the five boroughs and a selected committee from Live Nation and Long Walk Entertainment narrowed the submissions to the lucky seven: The Bel Airs; Buck Pryor;Clubbin Eddie , Rattlin Hum ; Sweet As Ether; Tiger Uppercut; and Voxhound. Rules for the evening were each band was to play one cover and two originals and the winner decided by in-audience paper ballot, as well as weigh-in from selected judges within the music industry.

All seven bands were more than worthy of being there, but Voxhound was a standout from the first note played. The band's charisma along with a very marketable package of talent and good looks complemented their Pearl Jam and Velvet Revolver influences evident in original songs, but most impressive was their interpretation of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer. Bass player and police officer from Manhattan's 20th Precinct Charlie Grimm said, “For the band, reworking Sledgehammer was more difficult than writing original music.” And, in the fifteen minutes they were on the stage, this band comprised of a cop, a plumber, a teacher and a litigation specialist, raised the bar significantly at this competition.

Overall, the line-up was well rounded and included a wide variety of musical genres from the rock funk sounds of The Bel Airs to the hard rock of Tiger Uppercut and Clubbin Eddie to the Allman-esque sounds of Buck Pryor. Voxhound’s steepest competition was Sweet As Ether. When introducing the band, Maria Molito drew attention to the drummer saying, "Hey, doesn't he look just like Kevin Bacon?" After a few nods and laughs from the crowd, the lights dimmed and Sweet As Ether jump started their set with an injection of energy into a version of the 80's pop song hit Strength by the Alarm. The band, together for four years, is comprised of two current cops, one retired cop and a "civilian" with a corporate day job. Thier seamless transitions and comfortable stage presence illuminated off the stage.

At the end of the evening, just after Marky Ramone performed I Wanna Be Sedated, Voxhound was declared the winner, which was well deserved and we should expect to hear and see more of them in the future.

Gerardi has created a real diamond in the rough with this event and hopefully it will snowball, taking on a life of its own in the future, continuing to give our New York City Heroes a shot at making their dreams come true.

For more information on this event or Long Walk Entertainment, please visit http://www.longwalkentertainment.com/ - ANNIE VINTON COPYRIGHT 2008


VOXhound - "Another Victim" (Produced by Tomas Costanza)

Available September, 06



*August 2009 - Winners of WPIX Channel 11 (NYC) "Band Slam" Contest. Performed LIVE on the WPIX morning show!

*June 2009 - Winners of "NYPD - Battle of The Finest" - Grand prize - opening act for a Live Nation artist (TBA.)

*July 2008 - Showcased for Island/Def Jam/Universal.

February 2006 - Asked to represent Sound Room Studios in West Babylon, NY in a feature commercial seen on MTV, VH1, E!, and various other cable networks. The commercial can be seen on this epk as well.

June 2006 - Completed full length album with an up and coming producer, Tomas Costanza, former front man of the band Diffuser. 3 selected tracks are available on this epk.

September 2006 - Performed at Skope Magazine's National Launch Party at The Cutting Room in NYC. Also Selected through Sonicbids for OPERATION: Rock Our Troops complilation CD to be sent overseas to support out troops.

February 2007 - Official CD Release Party - Sold over 200 copies of Another Victim.