Vox In Verse

Vox In Verse

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We combine all of the music we like into a very danceable fusion of House, indie dance, hip hop, jazz, rock, and much more to rock dancefloors from Tampa to Paris, from Tallahassee to New Orleans. We always promise a fun party or show, and we never get too caught up in our music to have fun.


Vox In Verse was born in late in August of 2007, shortly after the two members, Brendan Aman and Marc Schulz, had attended a Daft Punk concert. This concert was so amazing that it inspired them to create their own electronic music group, combining values of Hip-Hop and House, as well as more obscure genres like hardcore rap, metal, and Jazz to create their own unique sound and genre of music. Since then, Vox In Verse has grown in skill and musical ability in the arts of mixing, and can now been seen rocking parties and clubs all over Tampa, FL, their hometown, and Tallahassee, FL and New Orleans, LA where they now live and go to college.


Countless mixes, DJ When's Mashups, and DS@STR's dubstep remixes.

Set List

Our set lists are as various as our music tastes, but we mostly play Indie Dance/Nu Disco, along with a healthy mix of House, Dubstep, Noize, Dance Rock, and Hip Hop.