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Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"VOXMIRAGE in DList Magazine (full page)"

"I was lucky enough to perform with the legendary B.B. King." - DList Magazine

"I Am Entertainment Magazine, VoxMirage Album Review"

"Like a magnet, this LP will draw in anyone who appreciates the shifts that have taken place in popular music over the past 30 years."

"...one of 2014′s most universal and relevant projects." "... stronger than most mainstream pop-rock releases today." - I Am Entertainment

"SKOPE Magazine, VoxMirage Album Review"

"A truly encapsulating and captivating performance… "

".... great harmonies, great songwriting, great hooks and deeply committed, flawless performances." - SKOPE Magazine

"Album Review by Indiemunity"

Everything about these tracks are awesome, it tells me they’re going somewhere and it should undeniably be heard to be believed. - Indiemunity

"Independent Artist Review -VoxMirage"

"Voxmirage’s latest, self-titled venture is a great album of electronic significance with dance, rock, and pop connotations." "Pure excellence!" Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

Review by Matthew Forss

Voxmirage is a Seattle-based alternative, Indie rock and synth-pop group that incorporate a swirling mix of electronica, pop sounding harmonies, and a fresh perspective of classic new wave and power pop sensibility. The self-titled album was mixed and produced in Paris by Ken Stringfellow of The Posies and R.E.M and mastered at the legendary Abby Road Studios in London. Voxmirage’s thirteen-track release is the song writings of Mike Streng and Aaron Nicholes that spans a futuristic world of synth-pop, new wave, and alternative stylings.

“All I Want Is You” opens with a fuzzy showering of electric guitars in an alternative rock vein with great vocals and an electronic edge that delivers a powerful reverb and melody. The music contains drums, bass, and crunchy guitars between choruses that seem to float effortlessly through various chords and progressions with ease. The guitars and vocals are akin to The Killers, but the result is more pop and less rock.

“I Can’t Take It Anymore Than This” begins with a musical swish and fluttering electronics, pounding drums, and a few electric guitar squeals amid a classic, alternative rock beat. The drums and guitars are punchy throughout. The chorus contains a great vocal structure and the lilting guitars in other parts of the song create a sense of classic rock that combines with a full, electric shower of sound. The title of the song is repeated a few times throughout, but it is not too repetitive. There are subtle electric guitar adornments that make the music sound like an electronic-rock and psychedelic adventure.

“Never Go Away” begins with a jangly guitar sound with eerie electronic reverberations. The vocals are rather sedated, but change in tone after the second verse or so. The drums and percussion are swishy with unidentifiable clicks and such. The music is very rhythmic and dynamic in an almost dance arrangement. At any rate, the vocals are airy and funky all in the same song, while the jangly guitar adds an alternative element that is unsurpassed.

“Just A Fool” opens with bell-like chimes and a drum beat with a steady guitar arrangement that is rather acoustic. The Beatles-esque vocal arrangements are classic rock-pop at its finest. The swishy percussion, lush vocals, and accented guitar notes are very melodic and rhythmic. The cascading vocals are ear-friendly and never overbearing. The cymbals, chimes, guitars, and choral arrangements make this song one of the best on the album.

“My Favorite Sin” begins with a dance-like beat with swishy, laser-like electronica and a formidable dance beat amid a reverberation of eerie sounds. The heady vocals are accompanied by a great dance beat with The Killers-esque guitar arrangements. The synth-pop shower of sound is very lush against the pounding drums. The gurgling electronica sounds are very adventurous and meaningful. Nothing is awry here.

“Go Insane” was written by Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac and is the title track to Buckingham’s 2nd solo release in 1984. Voxmirage’s 12th track is an exciting tribute to this classic 80’s hit with a modern synth-pop, electronica sound and beat while keeping the classic harmonies and Buckingham sound intact. As far we know, Voxmirage is the first band to ever cover this song. A must listen for any Fleetwood Mac fans.

Voxmirage’s latest, self-titled venture is a great album of electronic significance with dance, rock, and pop connotations. The swishy sounds and assorted fluid noises are all relevant and entrancing. The use of vocals is a great accompaniment to the already finely-tuned musical structures. Some of the songs contain a classic rock and synth-pop sound that is difficult to pull off. However, Voxmirage accomplishes this feat with effortlessness and suavity that is unmatched in contemporary electronic music today. Fans of The Killers, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Deep Purple, and contemporary electronic musicians that incorporate vocals and classic pop and rock tunes will especially love Voxmirage’s unique and timeless sounds. Moreover, fans of American or British pop, rock, and dance music from the 1960’s through 1980’s will find solace in the hooks, licks, and riffs throughout the album. Pure excellence!

Review by Matthew Forss
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5) - Independent Artist Review

"Album Review by PenWeb Tickets"

This is sophisticated, forward-looking pop with intelligence to burn and enough confidence to look back without looking away. - PenWeb Tickets

"Album Review by Vents Magazine"

This album is close to perfect... - Vents Magazine

"Album Review by Music Existence Magazine"

One of the most refreshing aspects of this debut from the songwriting partnership of Seattle-based Mike Streng and Aaron Nicholes is how they openly tout acts from much earlier generations as reference points without ever being beholden to their influence. As Beatles pastiches go, VoxMirage convincingly nails down an echo of the Fab Four without overexerting into outright kitsch. - Music Existence

"Album Review by Rock N' Roll View"

Mike Streng has a voice that is practically the definition of melody while his guitar lines melt and ooze around the hardened rhythms led by drummer Aaron Nicholes crackling fills and bass lines after midnight grooves. This has potential to be a huge hit if the marketing department gives it enough of a push. - Rock N' Roll View

"Album Review by Indie Music Reviews"

It’s refreshing the way they do this. I’m impressed, we need more popping up like this... - Indie Music Reviews

"Album Review by Indie Music Digest"

Voxmirage is a highly original, melodic and fascinating musical experience from start to finish. The music is fresh and highly entertaining. Its strong suit – its amazing vocal presence and impressive songwriting finesse by these two led by Mike Streng. The songs are extremely melodic, passionate, and captivating and somewhat unpredictable. All these songs have a ring of truth to them. Each song possesses a unique personality, flair, and signature groove. Voxmirage are a surging Seattle based band for many reasons armed with a brilliant perspective an amazing voice to inspire your vivid imagination. - Indie Music Digest

"Album Review by AList Productions"

"Throughout the album’s duration, the instrumentation is always incredibly intricate; the vocals are always fueled by passion, but also hint at darkness, and the songs are consistently attention grabbing and catching listeners off-guard. For a debut release, Voxmirage certainly knows how to leave a lasting impression." - A List Productions

"VOXMIRAGE - Album Review"

"This self-titled debut album from Voxmirage is a brilliant masterpiece that will give you everything you ever wanted." - VeryCoolTunes.com

"Album Review by Good Vibes"

"Their classical background has clearly done them a lot of good, though there’s nothing necessarily classical about their music. This simply proves, though, that talent has the ability to shine through no matter what genre is being worked with." - Good Vibes

"Album Review by Modern Mystery"

"Voxmirage is the group you have been looking for. A brilliant debut album that will certainly launch the duo into the spotlight. With heavy hitting and memorable tracks, each piece on the record somehow manages to outdo the other. Hopefully we hear a lot more of Voxmirage in the future. This is only the beginning…and the beginning is great." - Modern Mystery

"Voxmirage Album Review"

"The duo of Voxmirage are exquisite musicians and songwriters, and their admiration for Lindsey Buckingham comes through loud and clear. One has to believe he’d be incredibly proud." - Heath Andrews Reviews

"Album Review by Band Blurb.com"

They hark back and cut forward thru time like a razor - Band Blurb.com

"Album Review by All What's Rock"

This record has amazing ability to please the listener without the skip button being pressed even once. - All What's Rock


Debut LP to be released July 15th 2014

Songs by

& Mixed
Ken Stringfellow at Le Son du Blé, Paris, France

Recorded at:

  • Le Son du Blé, Paris
  • Jupiter Studios, Seattle
  • Azza Music Studios, Seattle
Mastered By;
Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios, London

Co-produced & recorded by Aaron Nicholes at Azza Music, Seattle.


Mike Streng – Vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards

Aaron Nicholes – Drums, Keyboards, programming, backing vocals and bass

Guest Appearance: Ken Stringfellow - Keyboards, backing vocals, percussion, guitar and programming.

Erik Reed – Plays Trumpet on ‘Just for Tonight.’

'Go Insane' written by Lindsey Buckingham






New Band, New Sound & New Album

Produced by; Ken Stringfellow of REM & The Posies

GENRE: Indie,
Alternative, Synth Pop

Empire of the Sun, Miami Horror, Imagine Dragons, The

The members of  VoxMirage are;

MIKE STRENG - Lead Vocals, Guitar
- Classically trained Vocalist.
- Veteran guitarist. Has performed with B.B. King.
- Songwriter, 20 years as a songwriter. 
- Extensive history as a vocalist & guitarist performing in Seattle & Pacific NW.
- Over 600 live performances. 
- 6 Studio albums. 
- Nominated for IMA Award for Best Song. (Independent Music Awards). 

AARON NICHOLES - Drums, Vocals
- Educated in Jazz composition and percussion at the prestigious Cornish College of the Arts.
- Extensive history as an indie rock drummer and performer in Seattle and Pacific NW.  
- Over 1,000 live performances.
- 2 Nationwide tours to date. 5 West coast tours to date. 
- 8 Studio albums. 
- Nominated for AVN's Best film Sound Track of the Year Award.

TIM FERNLEY - Bass, Vocals
- Tim is an English
born musician, novelist and prolific songwriter. At the age of 21 he moved to
Dublin, Ireland  to    follow his career path as a stand up bass player. 
Over 900 live performances.
- 2 European tours, 2 UK tours and a United States tour. 
- Switch from stand up to 
electric bass during
a tour in the summer of 2014, supporting the band Queensryche.
Tim is well known for his stage antics and enthusiasm for
performing whether it is in front of four people or four thousand. 

Vlad learned piano at an early age, and taught himself
guitar shortly after. He has been producing music as Gunmetal Grey since 2010,
and has been performing it live for almost as long. Gunmetal Grey has opened
for multiple big-name acts in the industrial scene, including artists such as
Aesthetic Perfection and Slick Idiot. As a solo act in the studio and onstage,
Vlad has gained considerable versatility and experience as an artist and
producer, and has also done audio production for the band Front Line Assembly.

Band Members