Vox Turismo

Vox Turismo


Vox Turismo is an international mix of 3 Oslo based musicians combining elements of alternative, ska, funk and latin inspiration to create original, solid, melodic rock music. We like to describe it as acid skank grunge.


Vox Turismo was conceived late summer 2007. Between projects the guys hooked up through fellow acquaintances and inspiration in the Oslo music-scene. Jamming turned into demos, and demos into studio time and the band was forged.
With inspiration and influence from bands like The Police and U2, to Madness, Brand New Heavies and Jamiroqai to Audioslave and Deftones, the spectrum of
the band´s ideas is wide.
Vox Turismo are currently gigging in and around Oslo to become a bulletproof unit, having a good time and saving their pennies for the next studio session.
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No formal releases so far.

Set List

Standard set list:
The Noose, Pornstar, Slipping through my Fingers, Head in the Sand, The devil gave her wings, Domesticated, Car Crash, Atlantis, 3am.
The current set lasts about 45 minutes. The set is updated and changed regularly.