Voyager One

Voyager One

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Psychedelic rock, electronic elements. Highlights include: national tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, shows at CMJ + SXSW, song on Suicide Girls DVD, Perfect As Cats Cure Tribute album, and Xbox's Ferrari challenge. New EP out 2009!


*Voyager One currently featured on KEXP podcast Vol.148: Slow and Pretty

"..'Sine Waves' is probably one of my fave tracks at the moment...deep, emotional but [expletive] ace!...'Here' is another highlight for me...some wicked sonic ideas expressed...nice!"
- Fergie Show, BBC RADIO 1

"And where many would fail, Voyager One ultimately succeed, crafting an album with a sound just prickly and bombastic enough to do old Ghidrah justice... employing loops, keyboards, guitars, samples, voices, horns, cello, and truckloads of drums... Voyager One delivers a space-rock outing that brings just as much rock as space to your speakers, a balance that's not often achieved."
- Joe Tangari, PITCHFORK

"It's tempting to file the surging drone of Voyager One under the rubric of psychedelia, but that wouldn't do justice to the sprawling vision of guitarist/singer/producer Jeramy Koepping and his band, which recalls an empyrean choir, or perhaps a flock of low-end and effects-pedal-wielding angels brushing your cheek."
- Andrew Lentz, LA WEEKLY

"..Majestic psychedelic space-rock ranging from ethereal, trance-inducing drones to epic rockers that explode with blissed-out guitar noise."
- Don Yates, music director of KEXP

"Spacey, ethereal pop...creating a cosmic amalgam full of musical moonbeams... adding a psychedelic flavor to their sonic swirl... Pass the Valium."

Voyager One began as an ad placed by Jeramy Koepping in a local Seattle magazine looking for "someone, anyone to help create sonic groove oriented psychedelia." Peter Marchese answered the ad and the confusion began. After adding the first of a series of rhythm sections the band recorded their debut record "From the New Nation of Long Shadows" in the top floor of a refurbished barn in Issaquah Washington. The record was equal parts blistering rock with washes of feedback and quiet pastoral psychedelia. It also included a 1/4 speed cover of the Beatles' "Day Tripper" and was released in 2000 on Seattle indie Loveless records. The band raised its profile with appearances at Seattle's Bumbershoot festival as well as two west coast tours and shows with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Lift to Experience among others.

2002 saw the release of Voyager One's second record, entitled Monster Zero. Adding loops, samples, synths, horns and strings to their already kaleidoscopic sound canon, Monster Zero prompted the LA Weekly to proclaim "these tracks are unsentimental deluges of sensory overload that hit the head, heart and gut in equal measure." Another appearance at Bumbershoot and a SXSW showcase were among the live highlights for the band.

2005 saw the release of Voyager One's third and latest record entitled "Dissolver." Another stylistic shift reveals a slimmed down, but no less psychedelic record which garnered this review from the Seattle Stranger, "Gorgeous is an understatement". Under The Radar magazine gave the album "9 blips out of 10". The band earned an opening slot on Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's national tour, a song on the Suicide Girls DVD, and a showcase at CMJ 2006.

Voyager One has just released its latest, After hours in the After Life. The record is currently charting in the CMJ top 100 radio and climbing, and is enjoying nationwide sales.

Voyager One's live show is also accompanied by the work of Projectorhead, a live visualist who uses 16mm projections and homemade slides to turn the stage into a swirling canvas filled with underwater volcanoes and solar flares. When combined with the music of Voyager One, it produces an intense and amazing live show that is not to be missed.


Satellite Eye

Written By: Peter Marchese

The camera watches everyone
The camera watches everyone
They never want to be alone
And you don't want to be alone
So send it on through the satellites
Send it on to the satellites
Oh come on and let your guard down
Come on and let your guard down
Just sit and watch my T.V. eye
Just sit and watch my T.V. eye
Or else you're going to be alone
And what's it like to be alone?
Come on and let your body die
Come on and let your body die
I know it's going to come around
I'm going to watch it come around

Turn me on
Or turn me off
It's the same old show
I'm sure you know


Written By: Peter Marchese

Do you feel
What's going on?
Pressure rising
Somehow it all works out
How long
Can this fire keep burning?
So high
Mr. Kite
In the grey sky

So move quick get out of their way
You know they're aiming the gun again

What's going wrong
Pressure rising
But some like it hot
Soon we'll be
Looking backwards
At the Kite
Hung high
In the grey sky

So move quick get out of their way
You know they're aiming the gun again


EP / 2009 - Reassembled (remix ep)
LP / 2008 - Perfect As Cats: Cure tribute compilation (w/ Dandy Warhols, Bat For Lashes, and Jesu, among others)
LP / 2008 - Afterhours in the Afterlife
EP / 2007 - Bed of Sound (single+remixes)
LP / 2005 - Dissolver
EP / 2003 - The Magic Garden e.p.
LP / 2002 - Monster Zero
LP / 2000 - From the New Nation of Long Shadows

The following tracks have received repeat airplay:

Poisoner's Waltz - from "New Nation".
Wires, Gun - from "Monster Zero".
Salvation, Endless Repeat, Satellite Eye and
The People's Candidate - from "Dissolver".
Bed of Sound, The Good You Do Not Do (remix) - from "Bed of Sound EP"
Ocean Grey, The Future is Obsolete, Here, Sine Waves, Give, The Kids Take Control - from "Afterhours in the Afterlife"
M - from "Perfect as Cats" compilation.

Some of these tracks and others can be streamed from our myspace page.

*recently at # 90 on CMJ Radio 200.

*Receiving heavy rotation airplay (in top 20) on:

KEXP - Seattle WA , KPSU - Portland OR , East Village Radio N.Y.C. , Little Radio L.A. , WOXY - Cincinatti OH

*TV & Film Placements:
Road Rules - MTV , One Tree Hill - CW Network,
Suicide Girls DVD, Lonely Girl 15: The Resistance

*Video Game Placements:
Xbox 360 Ferrari Challenge (alongside Black Moth Super Rainbow and Menomena, among others)

*CMJ / Sonicbids Spotlight Winner - May 04, 2007

Set List

a recent set list includes:

Ready Reset
Bed of Sound
Ocean Grey
The Future Is Obsolete
Endless Repeat
The Kids Take Control
The People's Candidate
Monster Zero
Satellite Eye
Nervous Times

Our sets are usually around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the individual show.

On some occasions, we'll add cover songs, including:
David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Beatles, & others..

Voyager One has played various noteable venues including: Showbox Seattle, Seattle Laser Dome, Seattle Art Museum, Knitting Factory NYC, The Roxy Atlanta, House of Blues New Orleans, Viper Room Hollywood, & more..