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Voyce is an artist that loves to blend different forms of music into a compelling sound of hip hop all his own. He has something to say, just listen.


What is a voyce, and how is a voyce best used? If you are Jonathan Marshall, you spend every waking moment visualizing how to reach a dieing world with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ; you agonize over the lost souls and infuse some of the toughest Hip Hop beats with life changing lyrics, and take those songs into the heart of the World's cities, schools, prisons and churches. A Voyce is more than words, it is an action too!

Jonathan Marshall also known as Voyce was born March 26, 1982 and resided in Camden until the age of eight when he moved to Philadelphia. Jonathan was saved at a young age and with the guidance from his mother and other immediate family members he stayed in the church, but he lacked one thing, the full understanding of the importance of his salvation and his personal relationship with Christ that followed after being saved. Even though he was raised in the church and was seen as one who was sheltered, he did stray in the dark and tried to live in the light and was very hypocritical. At a young age he birthed a love for hip-hop, staying up nights listening to the radio,writing, and converting paper into a manual of pride. He would constantly go onto internet sites and battle, down talking people he did not know to build himself up, and he loved it.

In the year 2000, Jonathan began his college education at Eastern University in which he met his now wife Shellina Marshall and gained an appreciation for his growth academically but most importantly spiritually. Even though he was still rapping secular, one thing that kept him was the voice of God and how God kept telling him the love and purpose that He had for him. In realizing that God would never turn his back and hide from him, he realized that he should be true to those who love him, his family and his Savior, so in 2002 he turned from his old ways of devoting himself to secular music.

He is currently a member of Springton Lake Presbyterian church. Jonathan has a heart for people, the truth, and with Gods will, he plans to use the gift of teaching through music to not only edify our heavenly kingdom, but also take into consideration that we are to do the same on this earth.

He says, "As Christians we all have a voice and it is our job to spread this good news of Christ's life, death, and resurrection and how it has and still is changing our lives. He is both just and merciful, a God of completeness and balance and we should praise him for it. He has also called us to not settle with the conditions of the world and to be the ones to create change. If there is anything that I pray God will allow me to share is his love for you and how that love should be spread to our brothers and sisters. The gospel is that JESUS lived 33 years for a purpose, died for our sins, and resurrected with all power."


Family Matters vol. 1 mixtape (2006)
Debut Album "The Relationship" (2009)