Passion, intensity, rage, pain, and the underside of the soul. Now just go beyond that and you'll find Voyd-X.


Crawling from the aftermath, Voyd-X pry their way out leaving nothing. Grinding through, eluding whatever crosses the way. Voyd-X tends to put themselves in the darkest and deepest mental trance to expose then exploit their most inner thoughts and feelings translating into music that sounds like no other and keeping them apart from all. Going back to the roots of creativity, Voyd-X deviate from the simple, from the translucent, from the pellucid...Probing the mind, digging out memory stems that were withered and severing all ties.
A band that uses the abnormal for light to seek the beyond and within.



Written By: Voyd-X

Grinding through, it’s my only release, I’ll be so insane, recognized I won’t be.
Raped by time, my only enemy, I feel so alone, despite this rage inside of me.
Pushed you away, I didn’t realize, now my muted heart screams suicide.

As I crawl away.
As I pry away.
Prone to fray away.
I’m left here to grind.

Lying truce, grasping onto disease, hollow deviate, evermore obsolete.
Trace my mind, with this scar on my face, delete all that unfolds, never mind as I fade.
Why do I seek for faulty help in dismay, within all that I be and all this fucking rage.

As I crawl away.
As I pry away.
Prone to fray away.
I’m left here to grind.

Your face I’m needing,
(But) your souls deceiving.
As here I waiting,
I stay here seeking,
Of faith and meaning,
Despite the grieving.
In rage I’m speaking,
Of pain and bleeding.
Is fate here holding,
my lack of knowing?
With hate invading,
It’s all I’m showing.
Betray is creeping,
In guilt I’m hiding,
Im left here grinding.

Im grinding through.

I’m grinding through, me through you.

Xternal Implosion

Written By: Voyd-X

Everything I want, is everything I need.
Everything I hold (sacred), means everything to me.

And if you don’t wait, I will break.
And if you don’t see, I can’t be.
And if you could heal, what I feel.
Everything in me.

Everything I know, is everything I feed.
And everything I’m told, means nothing to me.

And if you don’t wait, I will break.
And if you don’t see, I cant be.
And if you could heal, what I feel,
Everything in me.

What I feel.
How I feel.

Everything that used to be,
Nothing else here I don’t need.
If you tell me to stay away,
Nothing else will be the same for me.

Everthing in your eyes,
Hypnotizes me.
I never told why,
It saves my sanity.

Everything I used to be, nothing else here I want or need.
Broken heart I cannot wait, now without I am a waste.
Everything I want to say, in my mind it cannot stay.
And everything now that I feel, is everthing I cannot take.
I only wanted it to be, because you mean everything to me.
Only you now that I need, not this fucking memory.
Drag me out of this fucking hell, can’t you see now that I’m stuck.
Your love is all I need in me, or I will self destruct.
Or I will self destruct

Push Pull

Written By: Voyd-X

I will not follow me.
Never doubt hide, or recede.
Don't think i'll make it, as i'm waiting and waiting.
I will not follow me.

Push Pull.

Patience has lead me no way.
Lever push pulls all this hate.
Will never subside, it all coincides.
Patience has lead me no way.

It feeds off hollowing me.
It keeps on following me.
It breads off hounding me.

Push Pull.


Push Pull, Bonded, Idle, Soul Effigy, And I, Parasitic Need, Grind, Xternal Implosion, Crippled & Insane, M.B.K.M., Never End, Not-A-Lie, How I Feel Inside, Ether.

Set List

1: Not-A-Lie
2: Push Pull
3: Parasitic Need or Xternal Implosion
4: And I
5: Bonded
6: Idle
7: How I Feel Inside or Grind
8: Soul Effigy

approx 45 minute set.