Balkan Postwar Pop; from postpunk to ambient balkan soundscapes


Voyvoda was born in the cradle of western civilization
Voyvoda is DIY
Voyvoda does not rely on a laptop or on a usb in order to play
Voyvoda does not indulge in copy and paste
Voyvoda does not support George Bush nor Obama
Voyvoda does not support Putin
Voyvoda does not believe in Empires
Voyvoda is not capitalist
Voyvoda is not communist
Voyvoda is primitive
Voyvoda loves DAF as much as Fugazi and Ulver as much as Vaska Ilieva
Voyvoda is from the Carpathians to the Aegean
Voyvoda is from the Black Sea to the Adriatic
Voyvoda is a crossroad
Voyvoda is unity
Voyvoda is Balkan Postwar Pop,
Voyvoda is Aleksandro Karagjule Ohridski
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Voyvoda is F.S.Filipov, Serge, Chiori, Kalin and Dita von Veles
Have played with Mizar, Diary of Dreams, Hocico, Icon Of Coil, Stromkern, Daemonia Nymphe, Assemblage 23, Roses Rovine& Amanti, Kayno Yasno Slonce, Irfan, Cruciform Injection, etc.
Throughout its history, voyvoda has been stationed in : Sofia, Gainesville, Los Angeles, Budapest, Paris, Rijeka, Krvavi Potok and Sofia.
Voyvoda c/o F.S.Filipov
Dragan Tzankov 29,
Sofia, Bulgaria 111


Bunt EP 2008;
The Confederacy 2009; CorvusRecords;
Voden Vs EdessaEP 2009;USO;
A Year of ElegiesEP 2010;

Set List

Typical setlist is around 14-18 songs, ranging from 45 minutes to hour and thirty minutes; Mixing the dark ambient music with a lot of energy and live instruments.
Live we like to cover punk bands at the end of our shows, such as the misfits and the exploited and dead kennedies and mixing them with balkan dark motives.