Väljasõit rohelisse
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Väljasõit rohelisse

Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia | SELF

Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia | SELF
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"Modern Stalking"

"Perhaps the most unexpected surprise was an unknown avant-rock collective who totally established themselves with Velvet Underground-like hypnotically repetitive drumming and electric guitar drone. The surprise was even bigger when listeners were left speechless after the grand finale and someone with inside information explained that the unknown band was actually a local group called "Väljasõit rohelisse". The maximum use of sound and cognition, the get-together of multiple stalkers in audiozone got a dignified end." - Kiva, SIRP

"theartsdesk in Tallinn: Music Week in the European City of Culture"

But the band that redraws Tallinn Music Week’s indie map are Väljasöit Rohelisse. Singing in Estonian and informed by “Just Like Honey” Jesus and Mary Chain they chuck in shoegazing and Gallon Drunk too. Their 10-minute final song, built around the descending "I Wanna Be Your Dog" riff, was splendid in its repetition. - Kieron Tyler

"Tallinn Music Week day 3 (Last night in Tallinn)"

And there was these… Vjakrhmangbl.. Väljasõit rohelisse and they were great! somehow they reminded other few bands i was listening in these days.. Black Mountains, Black Angels and Sleepy Sun . Would like to listen them again and definitely see them in Lithuanian clubs!
- eatyourwork.net


"Suitsuloor", STALKING STALKER festival compilation, 2011

"Väljasõit Rohelisse EP", Onsense Music, due to be released early 2012



It was probably the case of massive intoxication that
teleported the one-year old Väljasõit rohelisse (named after
sci-fi book “Roadside picnic” by the Strugatsky brothers) just
after two gigs and one ultra lo-fi rehearsal room recording
straight abroad to well-known SKIF festival at St. Petersburg,
The city-mates of hypnagogic princess Maria Minerva
shared the stage with Swans, Gonjasufi, Father Murphy and
many more. People learned how to dance in smoke and
Kieron Tyler from MOJO found a drop of Jesus and Mary
Chain’s honey in their reverb universe. Because when
Väljasõit rohelisse is up there, it’s not your regular show -
the usual t-shirt-and-jeans shy shoegaze affair. It’s The Ritual.
The One-Chord Ceremony. Cold green lights and smoke
machine tsunamis. The trip to outer spheres of one’s mind.