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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"A musical enigma and a man with attitude: Detroit emcee V Sinizter"

" . . . Let me tell you that V Sinizter's self confidence is fully justified: when he touches the mic, the gifted emcee transforms his words into gold. Like a five stars general assembling his army and encouraging his soldiers, V Sinizter claims victory with confidence and attitude. The born soldier can't stop, he won't lose, he won't stop, because the victory he envisions is already his. Those are exactly the words that are expressed in V Sinizter's song, Victory Road. Victory Road is a song that I would rate as inspirational for any person who fights for his/her dreams to come true . . . " - The Eminem Blog

"The ZONE"

"Yo Home boy I got your track (The High Cost of Dying) in rotation, we played it last week . . . I like the feel of the track alot - real original . . . " - Origix (PD) - WHFR 89.3FM

"Detroit Metro Times"

" . . . I like it. It (The High Cost of Dying) is a gritty, adrenaline rush with a smooth groove. Kind of reminds me like a cross between Cypress Hill and ICP . . . " - Shelly Williams

"Psychopathic Hour x2 Radio Show"

" . . . I like this track! Its (The High Cost of Dying) got enough of the mainstream element to keep the radio kids happy, yet still a dope beat, guitar, and still has that edge to keep the underground happy . . . dope track, im ready for it, my fans will love it . . . and the rest of America? They better get ready for V Sinizter hittin the airwaves." - DJ Holy Terror - CJAM 91.5FM

"V Sinizter: Hunting Season"

V Sinizter: Hunting Season
(January 14th, 2003)
Psychopathic Records

V Sinister is perhaps one of the most thought provoking Artists to drop in the year 2002. The amazing journey thru the mind and life of Venus Billingsley a.k.a. V Sinizter is one not to be missed by fans of storytelling. V takes the listener thru different dimensions without losing focus of the reality that exists on an everyday basis for all people. After paying his dues for 9 years in the underground rap scene in Michigan, V Sinizter is set to break out and show the nation that he is not just national or worldwide but Universal. V himself brings so many different styles of Hip Hop to the table without losing the unifying theme that makes this such an exciting artist to listen to. From hardcore songs to strip club songs to metal songs, V Sinizter cannot be pegged as anything but talent. His music speaks for itself. V Sinizter is an artist to be reckoned with in the year 2002 and beyond...watch as This Spirit of War makes his mark on the World of Rap and The World itself. - serialkillers.net

"V Sinizter"

Ever since he won the Open Mic Contest at the Gathering of the Juggalos in 2002, the name V-Sinizter was etched in Juggalo minds . . . - hallsofillusions.com

"Detroit's JAM RAG Magazine"

Wicked Stock 3 Concert Review (03-02-03)

". . . V Sinizter took MC honors at the 2002 Gathering Of The Juggalos, and this night, he and his posse moved the house like a tidal wave of flavorful jams. V’s presence is slick to behold with a groove that moved homies out of the crowd and onto the stage like a family reunion . . . " - Mark Maxwell


Hunting Season Annihilation (2006)
Area 51 Music/Stormrook

Morning Star: Soul of the Beast (2004)
Deviant Productions

Hunting Season (2003)
Psychopathic Records

Promotion & Marketing:

W. Kelly Milionis
Shoestring Entertainment Corporation
2612 Chapel Drive East
Saginaw, Michigan 48603
United States
989-249-7625 (fax)


Feeling a bit camera shy


- I CAN'T LOSE!!! I'm on a quest to Atlantis for platinum plaques, because now's the time; I CAN'T STOP!!! Till I reach the top and show the world how a young star shines; I WON'T LOSE!!! I spent too many years hustlin' hard to win, stayin' on the grind; I WON'T STOP!!! Till I reach the stars and top the charts - the VICTORY IS MINE!!! (Venus J. Billingsley)

- Opening act for LUDACRIS (sold out), ESHAM, MC BREED, BIZZY BONE
- Headlining act for Psychopathic Records' THE GATHERING Concerts 2002, 2003 & 2006

As an ACTOR:
- Appears in DETROIT HOOPZ starring FREDRO STARR released late 2005. V's performance in the role of a Detroit Undercover Cop was well received by cast and crew.


- Songwriter/Rapper/Actor - Vinnie Billingsley, aka V SINIZTER, chosen one of the top 100 and eventually one of the top 20 finalists for Vivendi/Universal’s SCARFACE – The GAME Talent Contest on MySpace! (March 2006)

- Performs LIVE at 2006 Annual Gathering of the Juggalos

- #1 Michigan Rap Artist (Unsigned) on MYSPACE.COM; December 9, 2005

- Selected to showcase during the 1st ANNUAL MOTOR CITY MUSIC CONFERENCE (MC2) in Detroit (April 2005).

- 2005 DETROIT MUSIC AWARDS Nominee in the OUTSTANDING RAP/HIP-HOP MC category (March 2005).

- SPACE & BEYOND makes the TOP-10 out of over 150 submissions during the RECORDING ACADEMY/Chicago Chapter Demo Review at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit (October 2004).

On the Radio: 89.3 WHFR-FM; 93.3 WRFR-FM; 91.5 CJAM-FM

Throughout the ages many talented individuals have left their mark upon the world through their incredible talent. From legendary artists to magnificent composers - those who have captured the world’s intrigue through enigmatic, but imaginative works - thoroughly hailed as genius by both fans and critics alike. So what makes this individual able to boldly stake claim to such a hierarchy of legendary artists and composers? The answer is quite simple. Because he is Vinnie Billingsley aka V Sinizter (or simply V to his friends): One Man, One Dream, One Destiny . . . a man who has taken a couple of apples and created hot steaming delicious apple pies with his bare hands.

Anything but a normal child by society's standards, V entered this world of humble beginnings in 1977 in a poverty stricken but loving household. Coming from a family with a deep entrenchment in the music and movie business – mother, Stephanie Smith, a singer in a Rhythm and Blues group who performed on The Ed Sullivan Show and Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour - older brother, Stephen Herd, known as rap artist Mack Tha Jack’a - cousin, the legendary Curtis Mayfield - cousin, gospel vocalist Leatha Warfield, who sang with Sister Rosetta Tharpe - cousin, gospel vocalist Vanessa Bell Armstrong - and cousin, actor Julian Mayfield would prove to be a guiding light for V to continue his family's legacy.

Aspiring to many things as a child, V found solace in video games, comic books and music to escape the harsh realities of daily life. Whilst other kids were merely learning the basics of ABC's, V not only had a full grasp on the structure of grammar, but used it to feed his hungering mind for vast amounts of knowledge. Enrolled in an accelerated school for Arts and Sciences, V was able to mold his gift into something that would carry him forth into the world of music with unequaled distinction.

What started out as merely composing "boss" music soon turned into full scores for his own imaginary games, running from beat 'em ups like "Vigilante Strike" to action-adventure fares such as "Heavensoul" and "Cyber Warlords." Studying the instrumentals from various games such as Super Mario Bros to Gradius soon graduated into full time enjoyment of the scores for his own listening pleasure. With varied influences from the likes of Rap artists Public Enemy and Cypress Hill to Rock acts Korn and Pantera to the original owners of Image Comics to world renown comic book artists Todd McFarlane (whom he's met on his road to music stardom), Jim Lee, Alex Ross, Joe Maduira to famous composers Yuzo Koshiro/Streets of Rage and Nobuo Uematsu/Final Fantasy, V stepped into the Rap game with his arms wide open.

Relying on his video game knowledge and fueled by the lack of financing, V began creating instrumentals on a SONY Playstation gaming console utilizing Codemaster’s MTV Music Generator to use as tracks for his album. After months of tireless work, his first solo debut called MORNING STAR: SINS OF AN ANGEL (2002) was released and received high marks in the music underground for it's deviance from the norm of the genre. The album went beyond expectations, yet his solo career was slow to start. The jolt it would need came in the form of one of the music industry's most hated acts, the Insane Clown Posse and their Psychopathic Records label. V entered and won ‘the MC Contest’ held d