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La Porte, Indiana, United States | MAJOR

La Porte, Indiana, United States | MAJOR
Band Hip Hop Pop


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Them boyz: "American Dream"
Vsopilla:"Swag Flu"



Born Vincent Young, his expertise in the area of music includes working with programs such as Acid Pro, Sound Forge, and Pro Tools. VSOPILLAs knowledge of music has allowed him the pleasure of working beside many known artist throughout Midwest Indiana as well as a number of acts in the state of Michigan. VSOPILLA's credits included several mixtapes, his most memorable being The Manhattan Project. He is also credited with a solo Album titled My City, My Life, My world, which made is debut in June of 2000.

Born and raised in Michigan City Indiana, VSOPILLA was no stranger to music. His uncle Ricky Young was too a music prodigy. Ricky Young was a member of The Bobby Rush Review serving as the bands Bass Player. With music in his blood and drive in his soul VSOPILLA was destined for greatness. At the age of twelve VSOPILLA began to write rhymes tangoing with word play. This continued for a year of his life. By the age of thirteen VSOPILLA was introduced to a man by the stage name Zig. Zig allowed young VSOPILLA to record his first song. This opportunity propelled VSOPILLA into a whole new dimension. He soon began booking himself in local talent competitions. By the age of fifteen VSOPILLA became a local household name. Many adoring fans around the city could be heard humming the catchy hooks and uttering his brilliant wordplay.

VSOPILLA created a greater buzz as he became the youngest member of a trio founded by his older brother (known to the block as the pharmacist) and a young man named Edward Novacain Tyler. This hot new rap group became known as the M.O.B. A Nation of Gangstaz. Under the guidance of Zig the trio became the talk of the town. The three went on to put together one of the hottest tracks the city has ever heard. The groups song Redrum, which originated from the mind of VSOPILLA, was on the lips of every city resident. The song also caught the attention of five young artists from Cleveland Ohio by the name of Bone Thugs n Harmony.

Now sixteen years of age, VSOPILLA ventured out to the city of Cleveland Ohio to meet with Bone Thugs n Harmony. This trip was a sad disappointment for the young rapper. He was advised by the group that they were in the process of spearheading a record label of their own Mo Thug Records. They informed VSOPILLA that the very first act that they would work with would be a group known as Poetic Hustlers. There were also three additional groups awaiting a chance to shine.

By the summer of 1998 the trio had run out of patience. Each member now had an idea of what direction the group should go. This difference of opinion led to the groups departure. VSOPILLA, now a solo artist, found a home with a small record Label in Gary Indiana (Gangster Island). VSOPILLA was now on course to release his first solo debut. The project began like the title of a recent song Full Throttle however, as the project progressed money became the label owners issue. This dispute between label owner and producer forced VSOPILLA from his contract.

VSOPILLA, determined to succeed, convinced the producer to speak with the owner of the record label Manhattan Records. VSOPILLA was soon signed by the Michigan City based label by owner Sean Fear. Following the release of VSOPILLAs My City, My Life My world album he was released from the label as went under.

VSOPILLA soon reunited with his brother the Pharmacist and picked where the two left off