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V Sparks

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
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"V Sparks Album Review"

"Chicago based quartet who it seems know a thing or two about spanking good tuneage - describing themselves in the ‘sounds like’ section as ‘72’ - well they ain’t kidding because these cuts really do sound like they’ve been cultured in a rose tinted era that was so much seemingly innocent and carefree than today, a time of tank tops, glitter, big hair, cheap aftershave, satin, androgyny and platform boots. Blending 50’s styled popsicle bubblegum accents with audaciously humungous hooks, V Sparks craft teasingly feel good pop epics that hone in on - with unfailing precision - past conquests conceived by the likes of Sweet, T-Rex, Quattro and Wizard and into the bargain deliver up quite possibly one of the most fashionably out of step things we’ve heard since the Eskimos ‘something must be transmitted somehow’ and last years incredible ‘secrets of the witching hour’ by the Crimea which all said and done was our favourite moment of the year by far. ‘Sweet Kiss’ with its slinky Ronson struts and saccharine glam swagger comes across like a blended brew of DNA procured from Stardust, Glitter and Bolan. Elsewhere there’s the Lynne and Co harmony induced purring power surging MOR mini opera motifs of ‘making friends’ and ‘red love suicide’ which nibbles greedily at the riff from T-Rex’s ‘get it .. retuning itself super sexily into the melodic equivalent of a 50’s drive by love in. Though we must admit we are overtly smitten by the 50’s styled graduation ball beauty ‘out of control’, free of the baco-foil and the throbbing bombastic nature of the bands usual aural template, this curvaceously slow to unfurl slice of tingling tenderness caresses and swirls tides more associated with the quieter and more matured moments of Suede’s euphoria laced ‘coming up’ while seductively arming itself with momentous heart crushing peaks of symphonic grandeur that will floor you with their tear induced demeanour. An album is currently doing the rounds at the local hop." - Losing Today Indie Music Magazine

"Windycityrock.net EP review"

From their retro Brit-mod album artwork to the 70s glam elements of their music, Chicago indie four-piece V Sparks make it evident that they're proud to conjure up rock and roll's past. But while the three songs on their new EP, Biscuits and Tea, point toward an obvious love of Bowie and T-Rex, they also prove that the group have timeless pop songwriting down to a tee. At its core, this stuff is just good old rock 'n' roll fun that transcends eras and sub-genres, with immediate choruses plus energy and melodic hooks to spare. All three tracks are superb, from the boisterous "On My Arm" to the theatrical, attitude-heavy "Manic" to the sweeping singalong of the title track. Making the material even stronger are some wisely-used orchestral flourishes as well as genuinely impressive vocals from front man "V", who sings these songs with enough personality and gusto that you'd think his life depended on it. This one's a winner, and I for one can't wait to hear more.
Check out the first track on Biscuits and Tea below, then head over to the band's MySpace page to download the entire EP for free. You can also get their 2008 debut self-titled LP on iTunes. - windycityrock.net

"Powerpopaholic.com EP Review"

Mix togther equal parts of Mika and T. Rex and you get the baroque styled glam that is the known as V Sparks. This is an excellent, short EP that crackles with energy and over the top pomp with the opener "On My Arm" and the thematic title track which fans of Bryan Scary and Queen would flock to easily. Best of all it's FREE through Noisetrade - so spread the wealth! - powerpopaholic.com

""Out Of Control" Song Review"

MongoKnowsRecords gave a score of 10 / 10. Comments were:
V Sparks has a velvet voice - shades of Freddie Mercury appears in a 1956 acid rock musical. Very nicely done, excellent production and recording. First cabin musicianship, structure and composition. Peyote Fields ...forever..Again.. beyond the Bonez..

Scoring: Songcraft: 10, Recording: 10, Freshness: 10, Vocals: 10, Musicianship: 10, XFactor: 10<p>

Goat gave a score of 7.41 / 10. Comments were:
Folks -- we have a winner! Yeah, shades of Bowie, glitter and rocknroll in high fashion boots, Orange tube amps and pop-de-bop-deluxe. Need I really say more??? Dude sings his ass off.

Scoring: Songcraft: 7, Recording: 5, Freshness: 8, Vocals: 8.5, Musicianship: 8, XFactor: 8.5<p>

Christian Lowensprung gave a score of 8 / 10. Comments were:
Rock with a David Bowie feel. Since I love David Bowie, you really just have to do the math. A bit distorted sound in places (too high volume) deters me from giving top marks. Still, highly recommended stuff.

Scoring: Songcraft: 10, Recording: 6, Freshness: 8, XFactor: 8<p>

- c0nsensus.com


Self Titled LP - Released 3/31/08

Biscuits and Tea EP - Released 11/12/09



With the blood and glitter of 70's Glam Rock, V Sparks have burst through with a sound and attitude sure to steal your attention. The Chicago based quartet consists of extravagant lead vocalist V (Vocals,Keys) , Prescott Kagan(Guitar), Keith Hosmer(Bass) and Adam Long(Drums). Drawing from past luminaries as David Bowie, T.Rex, The Beatles and ELO to modern acts as The Arcade Fire, The Strokes and Vampire Weekend they have brought to pass a contemporary glitzy mess of rock that you cant help identify with and feel good about. Having played with such big name acts as The New York Dolls, Ok-Go, VHS or Beta, and The Lovehammers, V Sparks consistently entertain and engage their audiences with eclectic pizazz and unfailing precision. They have performed at well respected Chicago stages the likes of The Double Door, The Metro and The Bottom Lounge(to name a few). Equally as solid is the 2008 self-titled debut album. With standout tracks “Red Love Suicide” ,“The Glitter End” and "Making Friends", V Sparks proves that they can deliver the goods in the studio as well. Beautifully melding glitzy glam ,good old fashioned Rock ‘N Roll with orchestration and pop sensibilities uncommon in todays music. These guys just may be the modern day answer to the genius of great music past.

04.25.10 - IPO Chicago(Abbey Pub,Chicago,IL)
03.18.10 - SXSW - Gueros(Austin,TX)
03.04.10 - Elbo Room (Chicago,IL)
02.19.10 - Ram (Wheeling,IL)
06.06.09 - Gabes Backstage Lounge( HIghwood,IL)
05.16.09 - Florida Music Festival ( Orlando,FL)
05.14.09 - Slim's (Raleigh,NC)
04.25.09 - International Pop Overthrow Festival The Abbey - Chicago, IL
04.24.09 - St. Pauls Cultural Center - Chicago, IL
03.03.09 - McDunna's - Chicago, IL
03.07.09 - US Beer Co. - Chicago, IL
02.07.09 - Subterannean - Chicago,IL
01.10.09 - Double Door - Chicago, IL
11.29.08 - Subterannean - Chicago,IL
11.15.08 - Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL


Selected To showcase at the 2009 Florida Music Festival (FMF09)
Proguitarshop.com Featured Artist
Winner of 2007 - Little Stevens Underground Garage Battle of the Bands