BandHip HopRock

VTKTM build on the success of the Rage Against the Machine blend of Rock, Rap & Funk with a statement of angst and energy that expresses the zeitgeist of 2010.


"Imagine if Eminem got interesting again, acquired a slight Bristolian twang and employed a loud, hard riffing metal band to replace the beats and whinging and you’re in the right ball park.

It’s their upfront confidence, Chet's infectious vocal and a level of musicianship that will prompt your average indie band member to weep quietly into his cardigan. Their energy is palpable and while they flirt with a ‘sound’ of a genre they are in so many ways completely unique. PLAY LOUD!"

Set List

All original songs except Shimmy Shimmy ya by ODB and a quote from RATM within a song.