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"...By His Cover (includes interview)"

How often do you read the contents of a book, before you look at the cover? Hardly ever, right? Why would we read the contents first, when it is the cover that attracts us to the novel/magazine that we pick up from off the shelves; when it is the cover, that physically attracts us to one another. They say that, “You only get one chance, to make a first impression.” But what happens if with that one chance, people still misjudge you?

It was a beautiful night in Lower Manhattan, when I was faced with my own ‘Cover Story’. I was in the building as a guest of the headliner, so my focus was on my invitee. I was told that there would be an opening act as well, so I picked up a flyer and there he was… Vudoo Soul? “Yes, that’s me”, I heard as I looked up and noticed him standing in front of me. I took a good look at his cover; his Asian cover. “It’s nice to meet you”, I said as I shook his hand. “So, what is it that you’ll be doing tonight, Mr. Soul”, I asked him. And he said, “I’ll be singing… R&B.”

At that moment, he was called to the stage to a warm ovation. He had a majority of the audience in his favor from the start. And by the time he got to his smash hit ‘Lover Come Over’, he had the entire crowd in his corner. After his performance, I pulled him aside for an interview. Yes, he made me enough of a believer that I drew up questions right then and there. Within this interview, you’ll learn about his influences, his love for being the underdog, and his unique way of getting his vocals ready for a performance.

Deshair: At what time in your life, did you know that music, R&B music in particular was your calling?

Vudoo Soul: It took me a while to realize music was my calling. I look back on the influences that I’ve had as a kid. My dad played the 60’s music; Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Elvis, the Beatles, etc. My mother loved the 70’s – 80’s Stevie Wonder. She played a lot of German music; French music. I had a very eclectic upbringing. I didn’t even starting singing until I got into college. But I was seasoned well.

Deshair: How often do you feel like you’re the underdog before you’re able to prove yourself?

Vudoo Soul: I love being in the position of being the underdog. If you do well, people will just look at your performance as a good try. But if you blow them away, they can’t keep their mind off of you. It seems like I’ve always been the underdog, taking it back my “Track & Field” days in Middle School. Now you’re looking at an Asian cat, who sings R&B music. People look at me with no expectations. And I love that, because I can build my own expectations for them.

Deshair: What precautions do you take in protecting your vocals?

Vudoo Soul: This might be wrong, according to nutritionist, but I always get me some fried chicken from Popeye’s. Just the taste of it, takes me back to when my mother and I would spend quality time together, every Friday, watching TV and eating fried chicken. Now I’m not saying that this method is the healthiest method for my heart, but it is the healthiest method for my spirit.

Deshair: How much preparation do you place into your live performances?

Vudoo Soul: I am totally focused on performance days. I don’t do anything that isn’t involved with music on those days.

Deshair: If you can send a message to your current and future fan base, what would you say to them?

Vudoo Soul: First of all, that message wouldn’t start without a, “Thank You” for their amazing support. I’d tell them not to do things in life because they feel that they are supposed to. Go out there and create your own destiny. That’s exactly what I’m doing.
- written by Deshair Fosker, Entertainment Editor of IndieStreet Entertainment (

""One of The Best Emerging APA Musicians Today""

"Vudoo Soul may be slight in stature, but his voice is a big shocker. Reminiscent of a young Michael Jackson with equal-parts Stevie Wonder and even mid-'90s George Michael, his emotional voice has a quality of vintage '70s soul that's rare among all the disposable R. Kellys and Brian McKnights wannabes of today. Balancing between buttery, bluesy vocals and a sweet, effortless falsetto, Vudoo is the stuff of R&B legends in the making- his youthful confidence is able to rock a crowd and fill a room with just his voice over spare piano tracks, all while inspiring endless make-out sessions."

- IALINK - Imaginasian's Monthly Online Publication

""Vudoo Resurrects the Soulful R&B of Days Gone By""

"One hears a voice that refuses to be caged, and Vudoo uses his to its utmost. With no formal training, his soulful voice pulsates and holds its own as it ripples across the room, igniting one’s personal space with its pure energy and passion. After a slew of semi-decent acts at the Asian Americans on Stage concert, Vudoo’s opening line manages to overwhelm me. Despite the fact that I stand at the far reaches of the theater’s upper level, his silky voice strikes the air right past my ear and lingers in place. At times, it’s easy to forget that there are six other talented performers on stage with Vu, whose slight frame belies his powerful musical presence."

"Not only does Vu have a mean falsetto and sound that rivals Michael Jackson in his glory days, his unassuming nature combined with his larger-than-life voice are a doubletake to the senses. Vudoo resurrects the soulful R&B of days gone by, re-energizing and re-enlivening a style of soul that moves you immediately. Pint-sized powerhouse that he is, you can’t help but bop your head to Vudoo’s bluesy, graceful chords and admire his easy confidence and passion onstage."
- Quick & Simple Magazine

""Simply... ELECTRIFYING." - Ruby Marchand, Warner Music"

Despite battling a life threatening infection that sent him to the ER for throat surgery, Vudoo Soul triumphed at not 1, not 2, but 3 shows with songs that are quickly becoming staples in the tri-state area. With late-comers literally in tears outside the venue, the Knitting Factory was sold out. Mr. Vu was clearly in his element, teasing the crowd as his slammin' ensemble revved a high-energy introduction that sent the crowd into curious hysteria. Two minutes minutes later, Vu walked out smiling for his ecstatic crowd, killing his set from the moment he sat down at his keyboard.

In a high profile line-up of Asian American talent, Vudoo Soul stood alone, demonstrating the level of natural skill and talent it takes to captivate an audience and set the bar for other up and coming musicians to follow. With seasoned R&B band members and backup vocalists from the Berklee College of Music, his voice and emotions carried his songs through the night and left onlookers with jaws wide open and smiles for weeks to come.

Industry A&R's in attendance echoed the sentiment. "It was as if time stopped during Vu's set," beamed Ruby Marchand, of Warner Music Group. "He was simply... ELECTRIFYING."

We are all watching one of the premiere artists in the Asian American music scene.
- Don E Productions Press Release; Knitting Factory Main Stage Concert

""Natural... and Undeniably Convincing.""

"Vu closed out the performances as the house favorite. With a style all his own, somewhere between piano pop/rock and R&B, Vu performed covers like Stevie Wonder’s “Part-time Lover,” as well as his own touching original songs, such as “Oh Too Late” and “Not Yet.” Out of all the evening's performers, Vu’s performance seemed most at ease -- every smooth note of his voice rang with quality that was both natural... and undeniably convincing."

- Silkscreens Film Festival Review - The Tech, MIT Publication

"Vudoo Soul Bewitches Wellesley"

"The group launched into their first song with such confidence that I was frankly blown away. Not only was Vu’s voice phenomenal, but the style of his music, a fusion of R&B sounds with some jazzy starts and finishes, offset his vocal style perfectly. Vu has a big soulful voice and he knows how to use it."

"A tour de force of originality and brilliant musicianship, Vu and his bandmates’ incredible vivacity is immediately contagious. He turns back to where R&B sounds began, exercising a power that clearly lies and revels in big, old-school sounds."
- Wellesley College News

""Undeniable Charisma.""

"Probably the most impressive act that evening, however, was the Vudoo Soul Band. Lead by Chris Vu, a graduate of MIT and former American Idol finalist, the band also featured guests from other groups, including jazz saxophonist Jonathan Lee. Vu's astonishingly strong voice captivated the audience, but his songwriting was just as impressive. He opened the set with a fantastic up-beat song, "Running for My Life," that was reminiscent of Stevie Wonder. Despite my usually inflexible anti-pop bias, the ballads were still enjoyable due to Lee's gorgeous tenor sax solos and Vu's undeniable charisma."
- The Harvard Indepedent: Concert Review, By Alana Mendelsohn


- "The Shanghai Hotel" - Soundtrack; directed by Jerry Allen Davis, In Post Production: See; Starring Hill Harper (CSI: NY), Peter Greene, Yaya DaCosta, Pei-Pei Cheng) (2007)
- Vudoo Soul - "Ready For Love, Ready For You" LP (2006)
- "Purity" - Independent Sundance Film Soundtrack Selection (2005)
- Vudoo Soul - "The Early Beyond" LP (2005)
- Vudoo Soul - "The Ivory Sessions" LP (2004)
- Fifth Street Productions "No Limit" Compilation (2004)



"I never imagined a voice like that coming out of a body like yours."
- American Idol judge Randy Jackson,
voting thumbs-up for Vudoo Soul

Vudoo Soul does not look or sound like anything the music industry would traditionally label a "soul man". However, driven by an unwavering desire to break that mold, Vudoo Soul is emerging as one of the freshest faces and styles in music today.

After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the young singer found himself frustrated with the heartless expectations of a "real" career path. Thus, he abandoned his electrical engineering degree to follow his passion and chase the dream of music. With an unstoppable resilience, sharpened by a childhood on unforgiving streets, Vudoo Soul took matters into his own hands in order to create himself a space in the music industry. Despite his unlikely circumstances and a lack of any prior knowledge of music, he quickly became self-taught as a pianist and songwriter, developing a keen resourcefulness and relentless optimism in his hustle as music's underdog.

Within 18 short months, his tireless work ethic gained him a nation-wide audience, performing for thousands of fans - from New York to Texas to California. Displaying an explosive stage presence and a booming voice of soul that betrays his appearance, Vudoo Soul has infamously garnered a "you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it" reputation. In his unusual presence as a lead-vocalist in the Kuumba Singers Gospel Choir, he toured throughout Atlanta, GA leaving wildly supportive audiences in his wake. In September '05, he performed to an ecstatic sold-out crowd at a Hurricane Katrina-relief benefit on the Main Stage of New York City’s Knitting Factory, covered by MTV World News. Vudoo Soul dared to compete in various Apollo Night-style events, where audiences witnessed him beating the odds to win one title after the next. During his performance for ImaginAsian TV in New York, Vudoo Soul even caused Russell Simmons to interrupt his own media interview in order to catch him in action. Moreover, Vudoo Soul has now officially become an international entertainer with his April 2006 debut in Asia. Fans’ anticipation of his arrival has drawn major media coverage from HK Magazine and the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s premier English newspaper.

No one can deny the ever-growing audience that has consistently validated Vudoo Soul's tremendous talent: Hollywood Finalist for American Idol Season 2, Winner of the Boston Black Student Union's Apollo Night 2004, $1,000 Grand Prize Winner of Kollaboration New York 2005, $1,500 Grand Prize Winner of The New York Blackberry Soul, Two-time Champion of New York's Training Camp Underground Hip-Hop/R&B Showdown, and most recently, $3,000 Grand Prize Winner of Asian Elevation. Adoring fans of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds can't be wrong. Yet, this is just the beginning.

As the recording and final production of his first official album approach, Vudoo Soul continues to travel and deliver his engaging performances with a heart-felt voice. His intense, yet tender nature inspires audiences everywhere with an emotional brilliance that moves and mesmerizes spirits through the power of a single soul and his song.

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College Performances: Boston University, Harvard University, MIT, Wellesley College, Boston College, UT Austin, UMass Lowell, UMass Amherst, Brandeis University, Pace University, Suffolk University, LaGuardia Community College NY, San Jose State University

Other Venues: Crash Mansion (NY), The Bitter End (NY), The Knitting Factory Main Room (NY), Bowery Poetry Club (NY), CBGB's (NY), Pyramid (NY), Mercury Lounge (NY), Tribeca Performing Arts Theatre (NY), B.B.King's (NY & CA), Club IVAR (CA), Pasadena Civic Auditorium (CA), Paradise Rock Club (MA), The Middle East (MA), Club Passim (MA), All Asia (MA), The Edge (Hong Kong), The Fringe Club (Hong Kong), Cashman Center Theatre (Las Vegas), The ONYX Hotel (Austin, TX), Athenaeum Theatre (Chicago, IL)

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