Vudu Sister

Vudu Sister


Vudu Sister is Romanichal singer/songwriter Keith McCurdy and violinist, Diane O'Connor. A guitar/violin duo whose songs evoke a gothy-death folk mood with heavy grunge/punk-inspired undertones; inspiring themes of death, despair and the dying.


Coming off playing the 2013 Newport Folk Festival under the Low Anthem's special Newport Homegrown showcase as well as releasing Her second record, "Household Items" on May 4th, 2013 where it was recorded at the Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI. Produced and engineered by Ben Knox Miller and presented by the Columbus Recording Company.

Vudu Sister’s debut album Bastard Children was recorded in the
summer of 2011 at Treading Thomas Records. The album includes contributions from some of Rhode Island’s most talented young musicians. Lending such talents to the record are Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons, Tig & Bean, The Famous Winters, Kate Jones of The Sugar Honey Iced Tea, and Michael Samos; whose resume includes Brown Bird, The Silks and Tallahassee.

Vudu Sister has had the privilege to be a part of The Low Anthem's "Newport Homegrown" showcase at the 2013 Newport Folk Festival.
Vudu Sister has also had the honor to share the stage with such acts as Joe Fletcher and The Wrong Reasons, Dan Blakeslee, The Silks, Tig and Bean, Tallahassee, The Mallet Brothers Band, Girls Guns and Glory, The Suger Honey Iced Tea, Brown Bird, The Low Anthem, and Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores.


"Bastard Children" (LP) - 2012
"Household Items" (LP) - 2013