Vulcan Freedom Fighters

Vulcan Freedom Fighters


trekno stoner space rock, entire show synched to classic TOS video & other footage


Stardate Unknown plays audio homage to Gene Roddenberry's classic vision of the future. Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of its air date, Vulcan Freedom Fighters Christopher Haines, and "The Captain" Brandon Wiggins, spent 3 months writing, recording and watching a lot of Star Trek in Barcelona, Spain. The result of their efforts blends ambient space rock, trekno overatures and stoner-based riff rock with sound FX and dialog from the original series. Allman Bros. & Govt. Mule touring blues harp vet, Hook Herrera, showed up at the sessions and contributes to 5 tracks while AC/DC, DCFC, Vic Mackey, The Sopranos, Metallica & Lars' Dad appear occasionally in sampled spirit. With 23 tracks and an hour of music, the Vulcan Freedom Fighters may have gone boldly where no band has gone before or should necessarily go in the future, but they've emerged from the studio with a disc that's worth checking out.


Stardate Unknown, 23 tracks, all available at for streaming or download. added to over 160 college stations over the summer, top 10 requests over 20 stations

Set List

songs from Stardate Unknown, set length of 30 to 60 minutes, all synched to video