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Vulgar Gods

Londrina, Paraná, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Londrina, Paraná, Brazil | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Vulgar Gods e a ordem no caos"

Vulgar Gods and the order within chaos

In other words: Londrina Group, Vulgar Gods, releases "Queen Of Sound", an heavy and intense album with the proper measure to create order within the chaos. The band is this year’s latest revelation.
While chaos and despair are constant notes in everyday’s melody of ordinary citizens, there are those who search mechanisms to awaken from this cultural morass in which we are plunged by a shattered reality. Challenging dark moments depositing energy in the art is, since the world began, a bold, political and, above all, human attitute.
Whoever indulges in music knows that it is able to find order within chaos, be it when I gets us out of complacency, be it to create more noise than any (social, moral, political) ridicule. Riffs, distortion, musical notes which create a nuisance because of their power, by their almost cruel union in a sometimes schizophrenic music scene, that wants to be seen and listened to without first listening and seeing.
The revelation this week comes from Londrina, the last one before a well-deserved break to rest for the year. Thais Vicente, frontwoman of Vulgar Gods, rocked the eardrums of this columnist. Along with Guilherme Hoewell, Vinicius Gouveia, Thiago Ruas and Gabriel Pelegrino released the grand "Queen Of Sound", the group's first album. Those who were able to follow the historic “20 Couple" Fluminense Football Club's attack commanders in the 80’s, it is easy to explain what Hoewell and Gouveia do with their guitars. There’s weight, but there is also elegance. The riffs don't give off "dirt" for anything, they are placed with class, distinction, cunning.
The music world likes to give many turns. 2015 was a year in which stoner rock and psychedelic rock came back to being references in numerous works. Not only that, it seems that it was also a year in which the grooves returned to many groups’ bass lines, and it’s no different with Vulgar Gods. "Inside Your Mind" is captained by Thiago Ruas, the band's bassist.
It’s necessary to highlight the importance of a good job on the bass and drums, given that there still are those who believe that rock is done only with plenty of power chords and deafening screams. Vulgar Gods doesn't stumble in such an eror. Queen of Sound’s 10 tracks show a refined and sharp kitchen, pursuing harmonies that thrill because of their own strength, but what really captures the audience is the honesty of their music, running away from the poser stereotypes of the genre.
In "Nowhere", song that opens the album, Thais Vicente spreads her vocal technique all around, but with "Rest in Piece" the singer leaves its mark: strength and grace. "She drives me insane and I need it" says the song, which interestingly fits well within this context. It’s the disc’s pinnacle, along with the urgency and rawness of "Asylum", Queen of Sound’s sixth track, and the first to get a video clip.
At the end of the album’s listening, it is sure that Vulgar Gods is part of a robust crop of Paraná’s music that needs to be well taken care of, so that it’s able to survive the existing odds against original music in our State. They show more: the State Captial’s vehicles need to understand that Paraná is not restricted to it even if the arrogance of its cultural caliphate thinks so.

Bye bye. - A Escotilha

"Entrevista - A nova fase do Vulgar Gods"

With a little more than four years of existence, an EP and a full length album in the luggage, as well as several shows on the independent circuit, the quintet from Londrina, 'Vulgar Gods',already has in its career a series of overcoming challenges. Whether in relation to exchanges of members (which several bands face) or the difficulties to survive as an original act - In a time when the audience is more concerned in recognize than to experiment new music - The group released, last month, their first album, the good 'Queen Of Sound' (Independent).
The group was in a very active pace of shows and dissemination (they’re opening to important brazilian bands, such as 'Far From Alaska') and more recently undergone a change of singer. With the left of Thais Vicente (she was playing with the band since 2014 and she was the one that recorded the album), Suy Correia Bernardi (who has a long time trajectory of playing in several projects like 'Honey Bee' and 'Beatrice', the last maybe the most notorious of them) took the place.

RubroSom talked to Vulgar Gods members on the current phase of the band, as well as the recent changes that the group went.

How did Suy join the band?
Vinicius - Suy was our first choice for a singer. I already knew her from other projects (like 'Honey Bee'), so we made contact with her and she said she was interested in joining the band, she wanted to do what we were already trying to do and even take it further. We are looking for to get out a little bit of Londrina’s music scene - wich is very limitated sometimes - and keep going with the band. It is what we want the most at this moment...

After the line up change, too much adaptation in music is being made? Issues such as the details of each track or pitch variation...

Guilherme - Suy has a very different voice tone, she likes to sing very low notes... Now we are using some lower tunings, doing some tests and adjustments. Overall we are quite free about it. We are open to make some changes, even if it sounds different of what was done in the recordings. And it’s working, we're not losing identity and she is putting her 'fingerprints' in the songs.

Vinicius - We had a show schedule for april at Concha Acústica (venue), it would be part of 'Palco Alma' (cultural event), but due to a matter of deadlines with the supporters, it seems that the show will be postponed for a while. I think it will happen in july or after… More recently we shooted a video for the track 'Rest In Peace'.

Thiago – We do not have a release date yet, it was done with Felipe Pauluk’s script and recorded at Ber Sardi’s 240 Studio. We are waiting to see the result, it was tiring but it was fun to do, it was a whole day shooting..

Let’s talk about the band’s next projects, are you working on future tracks?
Thiago - We have plenty of ideas, we have made some melodies, but we're more concerned now reassembling what is already done. We have a new track that is moving, it's been fun playing it, but nothing new is ready for now.

Guilherme - I think that’s it, we have some ideas that are working well. The main thing is to work together, our relationship has been very positive, we are knowing Suy and exchanging sound references to the her, discussing what each one of us would like to talk about in the song, these kind of things...

Suy - That's the intention. If I’m not attached to the people who are around me, it does not have the same fluency, you know? If you have more freedom to work with people the whole thing goes better. The goal now is to keep going with the project, do more shows, presenting the band's sound in other places....

Speaking especially of you, Suy. You are also Honey Bee’s lead singer, has played with several other bands here in Londrina. How different are things with 'Vulgar Gods' from what you already did in your other projects, did it require a lot of adaptation?

Suy - Is very different, I used to feel uncomfortable with my voice when I sang high notes, and on Vulgar Gods songs, low notes are even higher compared to the tone in which I usually sang. I always wanted to play in a rock band that had this cool thing, the members being connected to each other. I see that Vulgar Gods has it a lot, and it's a very important thing to me... I’m kind of 'breaking' a few things with myself, it is a very crazy process, I think it's a growth experience, for me and for the band.

Thiago - We talked about it today. Exchanging singer is a tricky thing, the tone changing for example. Then we remembered several bands that have changed vocalist; 'Mescalha' for example switched vocalists three times, 'Hocus Pocus' has changed too.... In our case, looking for someone that sing like Thais (former singer) wouldn’t add anything.
The idea is to present variability and be able to add something new and personal to it. If it wasn’t the case, we would try to find someone who sings like Thais. But this is not funny, it begins to sound a reproduction of the same, all the time. The bid is to experiment, see what sounds more cool for the band... What we're seeing now is that it’s turning into a heavier thing, which is great (laughs). In our album we recorded songs in different tones. Some songs are now playing live in the same tone that the recording had been made. - Rubro Som

"Lançamentos nacionais: Vulgar Gods"

National releases: Vulgar Gods

Heavy guitars, bass and drums, all with a girl on the vocals. That’s how Vulgar Gods present themselves, from Londrina, composed by Thais Vincent on vocals, Guilherme Hoewell on guitar and vocals, Vinicius Gouveia on guitar, Thiago Ruas on bass and Gabriel Pelegrino on drums.

With influences ranging from hard rock to stoner rock, the band is releasing their first album, Queen of Sound, available in all major streaming platforms. - Tenho Mais Discos Que Amigos


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