New York City, New York, USA

Like it's nocturnal counterpart Vulpes captures the spirit of the night with haunting vocals over folk-noir textures. This spring, Vulpes releases the first volume to the ambitious Elemental Suites drawing influence from Cat Power, Tom Waits and Debussy.


Drawing characteristics from it’s internationally recognized animal counterpart, Vulpes creates folk-noir tunes catered to the nocturnal. Over the years, fox obsessed Brooklyn project Vulpes has been lined with an impressive and evolving rotation of artists. Anchored by multi-instrumentalist and classically trained songwriter Tanya Lam, Vulpes has aligned and participated in a wide variety of performances around the US. This Spring Vulpes releases their debut recording - Reflets Dans LEAU - the first of four titles to be released from the ambitious Elemental Suites collection.

Reflets Dans LEAU is a four song EP that explores the juxtaposition between classical and au courant arrangements to decorate sea shanties and chansons written under the influence of Paris in the 30’s. Through each song, Lam’s bourbon soaked croon is entwined with lush string arrangements and computer blips. The majority of the tracks were remotely recorded in the intimate setting of each participating musicians home, edited by Lam and mixed by Jonathan Smith of the Can’t Tells.

Having conquered in noteworthy stages in New York such as Glasslands Gallery, The Standard Hotel, Cameo Gallery, Webster Hall and completed multiple residencies at both the Ace Hotel and the Time Out New York Lounge, Vulpes looks to curate a handful of singular events that will celebrate a variety of environment, arts and friends. Performing parts arranged by Kate Hannington - Brooklyn resident and composer, the Arnica Quartet joins Lam on stage for the first time. Deriving influence from the ghostly imagery of sailors lost at sea and the mysteries revealed in reflections, Vulpes’ Reflets Dans LEAU displays a grand exploration of the human emotion under the moon’s influence.


Sailor's Delight

Written By: Tanya Lam

The hum of the city runs through me
Discording warding off the shadows
Reminding me to look ahead
To the red sky in morning.

Pictures waves of light lining up in the sky
Or a gridlock of lines in harmony
Reminding me to look ahead
To the red sky in the morning.

Sailors take warning
A storm is brewing by
Thunder and ocean waves
Will I survive this night?

The smoke that I breathe leave me at peace
Forgetting the settings around
Reminding me to look ahead
To the red sky in the morning.

Everything will be okay.

copyright 2012

Captains Remorse

Written By: Tanya Lam

I hear a giant breaking
Surrendering to the sea
This ship I am forsaking
This end is not for me.

They say you should go down with the ship
They say it's the noble way
But while you're going down with nothing
I'll be bowing out with grace.

Oh captain you go down screaming
Yelling orders to the sky
And your sailors they're all a-drinking
All your whiskey and your rye.

For this is not my journey
I'm a stowaway for the shore
And I for one am young and uncertain
But for this accord I am sure.

For you who face your end I salute you
It's not a choice for the faint of heart
It's not my time to stay a-floating
For dear life on the remnants of a bar

copyright 2012


Written By: Tanya Lam

le saut de poisson par le bateau
mon coeur fait le même
garde moi près de toi
pour un nuit étoiles

half of the moon looks to us
envious for we are one
but bella luna don't dispair
your love will reappear

though your heart may break
and your glow may fade away
seek comfort from the heavens
for the moon will be full again

darling the look on your face
unearths the end of the story
the moon will fade and in it's place
the emptiness of morning

as daylight is closing on us
wipe the dew from your eyes
no regrets except for the end
of this perfect, stellar night.

copyright 2012

Fox Song

Written By: Tanya Lam

Don't you use that mouth on me
With your lack of sensitivity
It chills me to the bone
To know that you're so cold.

Don't you talk like that to me
You throw out words so easily
With your wooden heart
It tears me apart.

You say I lie like the devil
And I'm sly like a fox
But I never meant for things to end up like this
You're no better
Matter of fact you're worse
I never thought that I would love to hurt this much.

I swear you love to touch and tease me
Can't you see me waiting patiently
On my hands and knees
Begging baby please, don't leave.

Don't you dig at my misery
Say you'd love to turn your back on me
Cause you know
You know I love you so.

I see you wearing me down
I see you tearing me down
And I know you
Love to hurt me too.


Reflets Dans LEAU
Live Album: A Fine Time For V89

Set List

Brother Could You Spare A Dime (cover)
Captains Remorse
Femme Fatale
Fox Song
Freak Show
Good Company
Guilty With Pleasure
Little Child
Playing With Fire
Red Moon
Sailors Delight
Song For the Children
The Great Escape
The Vulstead Act