Corn-fed Indiana art-rockers refuse to settle. The past and future of heady progressive rock.


The name Vultress was first given to various recreational musical projects that Paul Uhrina (drums/percussion) assembled during his high school years. It was during this time that Paul met Jordan Gaboian (guitar), who shared with Paul the desire to make progressive and challenging music. While various band members came in and out of the Vultress picture over the next months, their preference for composing unconventional music remained. Vultress then met Anthony Capuano (vocals), a like-minded musician who had experience playing and composing progressive music. Once they recruited bassist Chucho, their recipe for heavy, melodic progressive music was complete.

Vultress strives to make music that truly stands out on its own while reflecting the personalities of its members. After almost two years of dedicating massive amounts of time and effort, and two successful tours under their belt the band has recently finished writing their first full length album; a concept album entitled "Distance" which the band is in the process of recording

They have self-released their debut EP."Distance: EP," which contains four out of six installments of the Distance saga and is available for purchase and download on the band's website (


Distance EP
Distance (Full Length) Releasing in fall