Vulture have no hearts, all that is left in their chests is the beating of fresh rock'n'roll. These sleazy artists turn a bad day into a musical atom bomb. Its loud, its sexy and fairly unhealthy for your innocent ears.


Loved music. Lived music. Time to make music. Four rock lads and a feisty female came together as Vulture. Sam and handlebar crawled out from the small town they outgrew, Sonya “the fringe of doom” strapped herself in for the ride and Lee and Dan needed a place to release their riffs very, very loudly.

Vulture’s members bring their own influences to the writing process, everything from The Kinks, Duran Duran, NiN, to scissor sisters and eagles of death metal. If its got a killer hook and gets your bones moving then we are there.

What sets vulture apart from other acts?
Pride in our appearance (ha-ha)
We would like to think that a person who sees our show or hears our songs is going to get laid later that evening.
We believe in what were doing and we’ve made some kick ass songs, I hope we raise the bar on what electro rock is capable of , in all its catchy glory.


Up coming EP out Jan 2007.

Set List

Guys and Girls
Dirty Shame
Right all along
Queen of the Scene
Shake Take
Sleaze Machine
World's Gonna Die