Vultures Await

Vultures Await

 San Jose, California, USA

We're like Led Zeppelin meets Iggy Pop meets Frank Zappa in the alcohol section at Ralphs. Seriously, we work hard to make our music the way WE want it. We play with passion because we care about our music above all. We want to get our music out to a young audience.


If dedication to their craft counts for anything, this power trio deserves merit on that alone. This dedication is evident in the music these 3 create and the energy released when they play live. This band is one of those bands you want to sneak a tape recorder into the venue just so you wont miss anything. A solid foundation is what has been established by these guys. A solid foundation of the last 30 years of Rock and Roll based on the sounds of Led Zeppelin, AC DC, Black Sabbath, the Mothers of Invention and...who??? Vultures Await have shared the stage with everything from hardcore punk, straight blues, the Donnas, to High on Fire with whom they share a home base. To define this band's sound is to define the last 30 years of rock and roll exploration.

Vultures Await "merges the stomping rhythms of electric hill-country blues with something far less identifiable. Who knew that something this delightfully rural could arise in the heart of Silicon Valley?" Garrett Wheeler, San Jose Metro
A power trio from San Jose , CA

Members have been in past projects such as Operator Generator, Bodies in the Basement, Woodshed, many more!

Without a doubt Vultures Await is one of the hottest emerging acts today as they continue their rise towards stardom.


Most of our debut CD is online. You can hear our music at or on
We also use tunecore, reverbnation, lastfm, and a slew of others.

Set List

Our set list can fill up to 2 hrs but can be modified of course.
Typically it is about 45min to 1 hr and looks like:
1. Walk like me
2. Search you out
3. Terra Strutter
4. Can't live with us
5. People
6. Make you clean
7. What I don't know
8. Vultures Await