VULTURES? is a 4-piece rock crew from Windsor, Ontario. Best of friends for many years, VULTURES? music captures their shared passion for songwriting and performing in a full-on, fist-pumping rock and roll show. VULTURES? brings a refined presence to the stage, and leaves the audience wanting more



Vultures? is a brotherhood of four musical Windsorites, all of whom are obsessed with tone. The depth of sonic texture, the character of sound leaving speakers and skins, the sheer power of dynamic riffs...the way that feels to our ears, and to our souls, and then to yours.

Blue collar? Hell yes. Hard rock? In spades. Yet, Vultures? is every bit as vulnerable as we are hard hitting. Our highest highs are often found in our darkest moments; mining meaning from chaos and occasionally despair, while celebrating the triumphant bliss of best friends creating meaningful music together.

You will find the truth of Vultures? in the tone of Vultures? The care, the precision, the labour...every note and every word.


"...the very best of" e.p. (2009)
Rockerie Records

"Terminus" e.p. (2010)
Rockerie Records

"The Deuce" e.p. (2011)
Rockerie Records

"Wake" e.p. (2012)
Rockerie Records

Set List

Knuckle Down
Bad Hammer
Serrendipitous Happenstance