Vultures of Culture

Vultures of Culture

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

we're what would happen if the blues side of jimi hendrix dropped a few more hits of acid then tripped down a dark stairwell


Vultures of Culture are a Psychedelic Rock band with its roots deep in heavy blues. VOC has gained attention from their local music scene due to their great musicianship and intensity of performance. Zak Kaczka's vocals are haunting but soft while his guitar playing will send shivers down your spine. Matt Jewell (bass) offers great technique and musicality whilst knowing when to play beautifully in the pocket. Michael Silva (new addition on drums) delivers thunderous beats reminiscent of Dave Grohl during his QOTSA era. Vulture of Culture have set their sights on the sky and are not looking back.


Word of God

Written By: Vultures of Culture

amputate your aggravation
mediate the medication
forward, slowly days they pass by
haven't you ever heard the Word of God?

Angry hands its only fools gold
clean it out, suck it dry
foreign thoughts they block the mind
did you even have a chance?

And if I ever sleep again
I'll learn to live my life
with one eye open
its what it means to me
I've seemed to fall
learn to fend for myself
change her world one day at a time


Written By: Zachary Kaczka

I was a boy
mad out of stone
Floor boards speaking to me
in my lonesome home

Her dark horse riding in the sand
but she dont know my name
its getting so hard to say
I never loved you anyway


Mr. Leghorn Compilation Album
Single- Friend's Enemy Acoustic Version

Set List

35-40 minutes of original material but more with covers