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Birmingham, Alabama, United States | INDIE

Birmingham, Alabama, United States | INDIE
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Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Birmingham, Alabama, USA


New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

VULTURE WHALE @ The Red and Black Bar

Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Washington, District of Columbia, USA

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"Musically, Vulture Whale creates a sprawling twang that allows McDonald's narratives to expertly shuck and give. Sure there's a Southerner's love of Hank Williams and bluesy licks, but The Replacements gassed glory, and the woozy, whammy bar attack of My Bloody Valentine are as vitally important-and Vulture Whale let them lovingly stew."
- Thicket

""...The music on the new self-titled CD is sonically thick; every square-inch of the album’s soundscape is filled to bursting with colors and the small intricate flourishes you wouldn’t expect to find on such a rowdy collection of songs." - Skope march 2009

"There are sly referential moments all over the album, from sinewy Bowie worship to Replacements-like post-teen angst to a Jagger-ish bluesy swagger, to the swing-tempo, call-and-response jump blues of "Guillotine."
- Jersey Beat

"unassuming lunks who know how to stir up a bracing, humid, two-guitar racket with a pinch of bluesy ass-shake and plenty of peaty prettiness."
- Blender

"Spellbinding frontman Wes McDonald gives his wild-eyed tales a real sizzle, spitting tortured emotions in a funky sneer, offering insults ("You look good for a woman your age") and existential reflection ("I've 'bout tried everything but dying and being quiet") with the same itchy angst. The dude could use a sympathetic ear (or a tranquilizer)."
- Spin Magazine

"The quartet make no mistakes that this is a no frills straight forward rock record that has catchy melodies, in your face guitar and pounding drums that all combine for a good time and an incentive to come back for more." - The Fire Note

"...these alabama club rats rock like Kings of Leon minus the ass-waggin'. " - Spin Magazine

"Vulture Whale have perfected a formula here of quirky lyrics matched by a punk rock energy on top of the easy melodic, rockabilly hooks. Buy this album, draw the curtains, lock the doors, and air-guitar away as you bounce on your bed." - The Power of Pop

"The album is rough and raw, but that’s the nature of their music. It has that kind of an edge to it... the new Vulture Whale would make an excellent road trip soundtrack." - Static

"While listening to this...we can't help but think that the guys in this band put on one hell of a live show for their fans."
- LMNOP/Babysue


VULTURE WHALE "S/T" Nov. 2008 Skybucket Records
VULTURE WHALE "Vulture Whale" Ol' Elegante



One day, while roaming through the desert, singer/songwriter Wes McDonald spied a vulture, perched atop a cactus, eating a whale. Lo, and the band Vulture Whale was formed. And, baby, musical miscegenation never sounded this good.

Like the Mud Shark and the Rock Lobster before it, Vulture Whale is quickly making a name for itself in rock's rich taxonomy. The group hails from Birmingham Alabama, and in February 2009, they will release their sophomore (and also self-titled) album on Skybucket Records (Dexateens, 13ghosts, Barton Carroll). Vulture Whale is comprised of Wes McDonald (formerly of The Ohms), guitarist Lester Nuby (formerly of Verbena), bassist Keelan Parrish, and drummer Jake Waitzman. All of the members of Vulture Whale have played together in one form or another for several years now, and their chemistry immediately is apparent on the opening tracks of Vulture Whale.

The album—mixed by Mark Rains (The Shys, Waylon Jennings, The Close)—is a focused affair in which clever, plain spoken and honest lyrics sit atop inventive, catchy melodies that are underscored by lush, thumpy arrangements. The album's centerpiece is the jaunty "Sugar," a track that is reminiscent of Pavement and Modest Mouse. "Tote it to Cleveland, AL" gives a nod to The Replacements, while "Guillotine" is a raucous call-to-arms. Equal parts Grendel and Pegasus, the Vulture Whale dwells deep in the mythical Ocean of Rock where the Rolling Stones regularly ditch their behind-the-beat swagger for up-tempo and melodious rock numbers.

Put simply, Vulture Whale. is the Saturday night record you've been waiting for, from the band you should have been rocking out to long ago.