Our project is oriented towards a powerful progressive power metal which combine compact rhythms, syncopated rhythms and nice melodies with graceful balance. Vurtula’s lives are full of energy performances that induce the people all around to be involved without compromises!


Vurtula metal band was born near Ivrea (Turin – Italy) in summer 2001; ever since the project has been oriented towards a powerful and affected kind of music that would opt for strong emotions and sensations sharing with the listeners, trying not to fall in forgone solutions, inspired by metal masters like Symphony X, Shadow Gallery, Dream Theater, etc. and by italian progressive rock bants too such as Le Orme, P.F.M., Goblin, etc.
In 2003 Vurtula recoded in their studios their first album "S.T.R.U. Mentale" an instrumental progressive metal mini concept album and started their live career as an instrumental trio.
With "Above all" self recorded in 2004 promo album, Vurtula added the voice to their compositions reaching new energy and melody solutions.
Since 2004, while some new line up changes occurred, Vurtula have performed many lives in north west of Italy playng in prestigious metal/rock festivals (such as Miscela Rock Festivals, Val Susa metal festival, ect.) and playng with most famous italian metal band (Atroci, Go Off - Cacophony tribute, Brain Dead, Shades of Candless, Tornado of Souls - Megadeth tribute, etc.) and in winter 2006/2007 the band self-produced their third metal work "Infernal fate".
Today the well-established line up, that now is shaped around five very competent musicians, is facing progressive power metal sonorities which combine compact rhythms and nice melodies with graceful balance. Nearly all the lyrics are in English and they speak above all about introspective thematics.
Vurtula’s lives are full of energy performances that induce the people all around to be involved without compromises: they’re really a sincere manifestation of positive force.
Waiting for you all to the next live date, Vurtula would like to thank you with a great metal greeting!!!


Infernal Fate - 2006/2007 - mini CD
Above all - 2004 - promo CD
S.T.R.U.Mentale - 2003 - mini concept album

Set List

Our lives are motivated primarily by the release of our music, sometimes we play some covers too.

Intro (0:35)
Epochs (5:20)
Ghotic (5:25)
Infernal fate (5:05)
Una strana giornata (6:15)
The lookout man (4:30)
Slide (5:10)
Nevermore alone (5:40)
Crazy (4:30)

Available covers:
I want out - Helloween
Black Diamond - Stratovarius
Pull me under - Dream theater