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V v s has created & defined the Baltimore urban sound! We believe our music exceeds industry standards of an independent hip hop duo. We invite you to watch our music video - "KOUNTY BOY" & listen to numerous tracks off the new CD. Feel free to contact us for more info on Vvs - An I-95 Production


Thank you for taking the time to get to know more about the Baltimore, MD music phenom V.v.s
From production to street inspired lyrics, delivery, and stage presence “Vvs” boasts the talents of Bigg Patch and D.C. Each recognized for years doing their individual shows and street corner free styling/rap battles; they are now joined together as the musical juggernaut “Vvs”. Their combined experience of growing up on the streets creates a duo and group (Vvs) as real and genuine as it gets!! Vvs covers all the bases, from new school, old school, to street anthems and club bangers. A stellar example of this are their new hit singles; Kounty Boy, Grinding, Nobody Move and Patron!!

Vvs hails from the Baltimore metropolitan area. Bigg Patch was born and raised in Park Heights, Maryland. A ten year veteran of the local hip-hop scene, he is a published author and accomplished musician. He has appeared on several DVDs and mixtapes in the region, including a feature film entitled “Torture”. Some of his independent releases, under his label Diamondlife Records, are “Grand Complications”, “Goldenboy” Vols I and II, and currently the “All Or Nothin” mixtape. D.C was born and raised in Carroll County Maryland. Since 1996 DC has released several projects under the I-95 Productions & Conspiracy Records label; including a featured song on the movie “Cut Men”. He has also been featured on multiple projects including: “Summer Jamz 05”, numerous street mixtapes, albums, and DVD appearances.

We are working 24/7 to make “Vvs” a house hold name and to gain the recognition Baltimore demands and deserves!. “Vvs’s” motto is “Sky’s the limit; we're just left of flawless” It's a DIAMOND LIFE!!!


24 Karats or Better - fall 2007

Set List

Vvs performs all original music. The total length of a show is negotiable. Our standard performance is 50 minutes, with 2 encores, that takes the show to just under 1 hour.
We have a catalog of over 100 songs and will adjust the repertoire to suit your need and our audience.