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Pete Jones

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Pete Jones born in St. Louis and raised in Oakland definetely knows how to shake things up. His ability to store songs in his head like a revolver and unload making hits has made him a force to be reckoned with. His relaxed voice and eccentric style has filled many venues, and burned up stages.


It's hot in heer when Pete Jones aka "VVS1" makes an entrance everyone is at attention. This St. Louis native has exploded out of Oakland,CA (E.S.O). He has an innate gift of music and has been loving hip hop since Grand Master Flash a legend in the game. "VVS1" is not only a lyricist but due to his love for fashion his swagger speaks for itself he is an image consultant and personal shopper for many soon to launch his own clothing line. His capability to freestyle on any beat or topic has given him the ability to make hot songs. Working with some of the bay area's finest Pete Jones has established a long lasting name in the music industry as well as the streets. Being influenced by Richie Rich, DJ Quick, Sugar Free, Snoop Dog, E-40 and many other artists inspired "VVS1" to create his own unique style and keep working diligently on his craft. Performing in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Texas, & many other states he is defintely breaking through nationwide and internationally. Soon to release a mixtape produced by DJ Daryl of Dirty Ent. Following the mixtape Pete Jones will be releasing solo debut "Purple Band Man" in stores January 2007. "VVS1" has a history of managing artists as well and from time to time booking shows, does lyrical coaching when he is not performing himself and promoting his projects. If you are looking for a hot, flashy,cocky, yet humble super star you have found your guy " VVS1" the rapper extraordinaire.


"Purple Band Man"


Set List

Typical Set is from 10-20 minutes

1. Habit
2. Purple Band Man
3. Im So flashy
4. Hustling
5. Paper Game