Vybe Trybe

Vybe Trybe

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Vybe Trybe is a collective fusion of funk, sOUl and sOUthern fried hip-hop, manifest in sonic form by diverse individuals that harmoniOUsly form like Voltron to make timeless music that typically hip hop heads 28 & up will love and become die-hard fanatics of but all ages like it and appreciate.

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Vybe Trybe Music grOUp
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Trybal War Vol 1
Trybal War Vol 2
Trybal War (the MixTape)
Original Gangsta Music- Doc Deevius
The Art of Hustle- Jiohdee El-Amin
Hard Timez- K.K. da Kum Up Kid

Set List

we have almost 100 songs in OUr catalog, so we can do a 1 show open mic or tear down the stage all night