Vyce Versa

Vyce Versa

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Vyce Versa is an up and coming artist looking to set trends. His music is unique, distinct and his style speaks for itself. He is paying his dues daily which keeps him humble and now it’s his turn to touch the world.


Vyce Versa
Opposites do Attract

Producer/Writer/Hip-Hop Artist, born and raised in Bridgeport, CT. Growing up, his experiences in music began at the age of 12 when he learned to play the piano. This initial introduction to music helped him realize that in all forms it is not only something that can be viewed as a hobby, but can be translated into a way of life.
Music helps him to portray thoughts, inhibitions, feelings and memories that he has had and experienced at various points in his life. To really understand him, you first have to understand his music, where it comes from, what it represents and what it stands for. The feeling one has watching him perform is humbling; which continues to feed his ambitions of one day making a mark in the music industry. Several performance awards that he has won include the New York International Music Festival for the "Best Solo Artist". Vyce have also performed at various clubs, open mics and colleges.
The influences throughout his life are his immediate and extended families, as well as, his peers. Their constructive remarks have helped Vyce to better understand his goals of creating and performing music as a professional artist. One quote that has inspired and sums him up best is: "Live like you're gonna die tomorrow, Play like you're gonna live forever"



Set List

Typical set varies dependent upon time allowed, but we have enough material to perform a set of 12-20 minutes minimum.

Intro :30
Grimiest Areaz 4:16
Even Lowa 3:49
Bring It 3:58
Push Ya Cupz 3:52
We Come to Colonize 4:20