Tampa, Florida, USA
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New Artist, new style, new era! Recording artist and producer, Vynez finally releases his masterpiece to the world and blows away his listeners with his incredibly amazing flows and harmonic voice. Most listeners compare his music to names like Tech N9ne, Bone thugs, and Eminem.


The recording artist and producer was born October 20, 1985 in Miami Florida as Irvine Green II better known as Vynez. Demonstrating an amazing ability to be versatile, yet with a unique tone of voice for the art of lyricism in rapping and singing, Vynez has floored his audience with his tongue twisting Melodic Flows and Instrumental productions time and time again since the age of 12. Now with the release of his mixtape "2Faced", he launches his first "Official" album "Transcendence" which is now in online stores every where. check out his website (www.vynezonline.com) for more details.


Time's Up

Written By: Vynez and Fetus

the storm is here
i'm sniffin up into the air to smell the fear
now follow behind me and form an alliance i'm daring these n***** to step up near me
u hear me?
unloadin' a clip in the mack
if ur ready attack and i got the artillery bring in the axe in a matter of minutes it's gettin'scary
empty hollow tips up in the air (oh no!)
blast the motherf**** like u don't care (fo sho!)
i take it u n***** don't wanna negotiate
gotta carry out my mission so i'm ready to take it to battle u motherf***** in the streets if u with it
let's do this we'll get right to it
whenever u want it how ever u want u want it we got it
i'm buzzed enough to f*** with a shottie
cus i've been sippin' sippin' sippin'all day
waiting for u to step to me and cross me the wrong way
forget what u heard about me that ain't concerning me
cus by the time i'm done the whole block would've already heard of me
better evacuate all women and children and everybody line up
all my enemies at the pearl gates yo time's up

[Vynez Hook] 2x:
however u want it (yea yea)
we gon' bring it straight to u (oh!)
we gon'be on it when the clock goes down tick tock yo time's up

[Fetus Raps}

[Vynez Hook] 2x


-2FACED Mixtape (2009)
-Transcendence (2011)

Set List

It varies based on the gig.