WeaponsForAlice is that sound you want to bring to your ears when you don't want all that screaming and yelling. Were relaxed, chilled out and something a lot of people can enjoy! We're more of the Acoustic genre but never hesitate to do something different.


It all pretty much started New Years Eve '09. My buddy was having a party and had decided he wanted some live music there. He had invited us both to play, and unknowingly had to play together. As the night went on, the people got more intoxicated and crowded around to enjoy the music. In the end we had discovered that our two very different sounds had clashed together like the hammer to the anvil. Since then we have been writing music and seeing where the possibilities lead. WeaponsForAlice is definitely radio friendly. Our music is mellow, relaxed, deep, and i guess you could say far from the heavy stuff even we normally listen to.