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"Bloodless Shooting Gallery" - currently in mixing mode, to be released in 2013.



A big bang of sorts, W4RDENS (pronounced The Four Wardens) materialized in February of 2012 when four like-minded individuals got together in a jam room to try and compose some music. As fate would have it, we clicked immediately from the very first note we played. Our very first song was written during that rehearsal. Then came many more. We played our first show on July 3, 2012 at the legendary Comfort Zone in Toronto. It was there that we met a famed Toronto producer Dave Sutherland who took us under his wing and with whose help and guidance we recorded our first full-length album, "Bloodless Shooting Gallery". Currently the album is being mixed for a 2013 release.

Fans have compared us to many artists, both contemporary and long-gone. The Doors, Iron Maiden, Faith No More, Procol Harum, Eminem, and many, many more would just roll off the tongue of an unsuspecting listener. We take these comparisons as compliments. Hey, who wouldn't want to be mentioned in the same sentence as these aforementioned greats?

Meanwhile, though, our sound has never been accused of trying to sound like anyone else, despite our eclectic influences. Instead, we always aim for a fresh and organic approach to composing songs, mixing these influences together, allowing them to coexist in harmony, thereby allowing them to develop their utmost honest potential in terms of spirit, expression and musicality. Just imagine our sound in one of those gourmet food markets, in the "always fresh and homemade, never frozen" section. The sound can also be thought of as the young lad who never tries to pretentiously suit himself to a certain crowd just to be cool, but walks the block according to his own groove, making friends from different blocks as he strolls on. In short, fads and the "in" have never governed our music, only unheard inner voices with attention to quality musicality. Others have had a hard time putting us into a previously established musical category. Truth be known, even we have dealt with that dilemma in the past. And after that, all we can say is that our music is, well, definitely W4RDENS, and perhaps a mystery.

Ultimately, W4RDENS is its own beast. Part-dog, part-cat, part-sex depraved monster...We can be your best friend, your worst enemy, your foot slave, your local steel provider (we're heavy), your dairy farmer with a grizzly surprise in a barn (hehe), your trusted mechanic (we're skilled), or a strict English nanny with a penchant for punishment! What's your fetish?

Our songs are like members of a family. Each coming from the same mama and papa but each with its own unique personality, compulsions and feelings. Some can be genteel, others downright badass, while even others float in different ways within the extremes. Each born complete with its own framework yet allowed to develop naturally as its own destined free child, devoid of contrived constraints. Each making inexplicably personal impressions on the individuals (old and new) who've made their acquaintance, on stage and otherwise. And speaking of our live act on stage (and we can only paraphrase witnesses encountered in the recent past), we've also been accused of awakening perfect strangers and drawing them into our cacophony. So they say that's been the tale, more or less.

So lend us your ears and we will feed you alligator burgers and pour you a glass or bourbon...And if you're up for it, we will rock you into oblivion with primal, earthly, visceral sounds of metal, funk, classic rock, hip-hop and Avant-garde craziness.

Call us for a good time. And come check out the mystery for yourself.