Wa: an eclectic blend of original pop/R&B grooves, layered with jazzy keyboard, bluesy guitar, soulful male and female vocals in point–counterpoint: sweet & sour, yin & yang.


Wa (Japanese for sum, harmony and peace) is a New York City–based band that plays an eclectic blend of original groove-based pop/R&B. Think: "Dave Matthews meets Jamiroquai."

Wa’s music features a foundation of funky-influenced grooves, drums, bass and percussion, layered with jazzy keyboard, bluesy guitar, and soulful vocals: male and female point–counterpoint: sweet & sour, yin & yang …

The sum of our efforts creates musical harmony, and we know that harmony breeds peace, y'all!


Slow Groove

Written By: WaCru

slow groove
when I’m with you
I need a
Slow groove
Slow groove
right here beside me
On a Slow groove

I was gazing at your picture
This afternoon
And I was
Dreamin’ ‘bout tonight
Holding you in the starlight
I see the fire
In your eyes
Temperatures rising
No surprise
Cause I know

You’re getting’ what I’m givin’
Yes you are
And I am
I’m getting’ all you’re sendin’
Now’s the time
No delay
We’re on the same page baby
Of the same
Love affair
We’re gonna stoke the fires
To a …

Slow groove...

Baby I’ve been primping
Half the day
Cause I want to look
Extra special for you tonight
I wanna do everything babe
Makeup, hair,
my body’s aching for you
no surprise
and I know

you’ll bring the music
Sets my soul
Right on fire
That makes me melt
into your arms
I love to groove to a
Vintage beat
yes I do
I love to make love with you
To a …

Slow groove ...

Ooh baby I can feel your
Beating heart
Next to mine
I feel your lips on my neck
I hear you whispering
In my ear
All the things
We’re gonna do together
Through the night
Yes I know

Cause I feel the magic too
In my arms
You belong
Two lovers lost in space
Out of time
Out of mind
Love power in our hearts
Just we two
Me and you
Love power over all
With a …

Slow groove ...

Life (Go With the Flow)

Written By: WaCru

life has risks
and life has dangers
life has uncertainty
and life has consequences

these days
anything can happen
these days
these days
just to get by
these days
you’ve gotta
go with the flow

life has moments
and life has mystery
life has opportunities
and life has relationships

these days
anything is possible
these days
total chaos
these days
just to get along
these days
you’ve gotta
go with the flow

in times of tribulation
it’s up to everybody
to pull his own weight
and if there’s one thing that I know
you’ve got to go with the flow
you’ve gotta go with the flow

The Girl (Everything But)

Written By: WaCru

I’ll give you starlight
We’ll fly to distant galaxies
Travel through the universe
Make real all your fantasies

I’ve got the sunrise
I’ve got the sunset
I’ve got the moonrise
But no girl yet

Everything but the girl
Everything but the girl

Baby I’ve been searchin’ for you
I’ve been trying to find you
You’ve been on my mind
But you’re so hard to find

A woman just like you
Someone I can groove with
Someone I can
Spend some time with
Someone makes me feel so good

And I wonder where you are tonight
And I wonder what’s on your mind
And I wonder if you need somebody
Someone just like me

I can see you smilin’
I can feel your body close to mine
You’re the one I’ve waited all my life for
You’re my soulshine


Wa - sum, harmony, peace EP
Streaming available at http://wa-music.com/sounds.htm.

Set List

WhatCha Gonna Do
Crazy 'bout You
Slow Groove
Life (Go With the Flow)
Everything But the Girl