Finalist in the Best International Album category/Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2005 "Yovan's pure, wild passion reminds me of Robert Mirabal on his "Music From a Painted Cave" album which has been a best seller for us." Tessalin Green, Silver Wave Music


A descendant of the Metis people, Canadian artist Yovan NAGWETCH from Gaspe can trace his origins back to his native ancestors, the WABANAKI, who inhabited the country long before the Europeans arrived. Still today, the WABANAKI confederation is a strong hoop of First Nations on the East Coast of Canada and the US.

Yovan's family emigrated to Europe when he was only a child. It's there he got interested with music. As a teenager he was already composing his own songs and fighting with a guitar to get a proper sound. Then he took part in several musical projects that brought him all around Europe, from South to North.

Yovan lived for more than a decade in Paris where he was in touch with many different cultures. This raised his interest about the musical heritage of his native ancestors. It eventually lead to the creatio of his concept band, WABANAG.

WABANAG's world of sounds and music is a fusion between tradition and modernity.

In the end of the 90s, the band started to play a so called "Indian Rock" that got them the heart of the Finns. The shamanic pulse of the music and the energy of rock proved to please the audience.

In 2004, the band got a proposal to record an album of world music where the focus was made on a more ethnic and acoustic sound. ULODI brought the band to the attention of the Canadian Aboriginal community who made Wabanag a Canadian Aboriginal Award Nominee in the best International Album ctegory (

With 2006, the band is planning to come back to the "Indian Rock" mood that suits better the audience of clubs and festivals, and to remain available for acoustic shows whenever there will be some request.

WABANAG is your chance to get inspired and to start your journey to Indian, Native and Metis country.


WELALIN (Thank You)

Written By: Music and lyrics: Yovan Nagwetch Arrangements: Wabanag and Esu Holopainen

Idju welalin uktchita ntinin
Tan iknemuisep, tan iknemuisep
Welalin Uktchit uskidjinudi
Tan iknemuisep, tan iknemuisep

Ken welalina uktcit delidai
Melkimedemai, melkimedemai
Ken welalina uktchit nilua
Tan iknemuisep, tan iknemuisep

Teluei Teluei Teluei

Nu ken welalin elnudwip
Delintankaptegen, delintankaptegen
Widji kitpua ukpugugu

Delinskibesin, delinskibesin
Widji Kemutch uknedadasudi
Telinskibesin, Telinskibesin

Teluei, Teluei, Teluei

Kilew wedji kisi, kisi,
Kisidulidjel kitchiniskamel
Dan waso’h eik, waso’h, waso’h
Dan nagoset eik, nagoset, nagoset
Tepkunset eik, tepkunset, tepkunset
Ma’hamageo eik

Teluei, Teluei, Teluei

from ULODI Album


ULODI (Well Being - Happiness - Harmony), Helsinki. 2004

Most of the songs are YOVAN's own compositions, and the lyrics are in Wabanaki language.

Set List

Set list for 90 to 120 minutes