Los Angeles, California, USA

Waberi is creating music that has been called "New World Gospel"... heard/felt to "open a portal to correct many occurrences in the Universe...", deeply immersed in the language of the Ancestors, and with those, whose Spirits exist but have yet to achieve human form...


Waberi Jordan, vocalist and songwriter rooted in the Leimert Park Jazz Community of Los Angeles, was born at a crossroads of sorts.

Her grandparents raised her on a steady diet of straight-ahead jazz music, at a time when R&B was the most popular form of music on the radio and among her peers.

Her Great Aunt had her sing for church members after Sunday services, raving about her "contralto" voice, while she and her friends took turns mimicking the female soul singers of the day.

Entering college with a broad knowledge of music history, theory, sight reading, and harmony, Waberi's choice of classical voice as a major would challenge her ideas about what music and singing was for her.

Miss Jordan's voice resonates in an alter-reality... beautiful, a haunted timbre evoking the great vocalists that were her predecessors. The comparison is not solely in the sound of her voice, but more, the legacy she embodies.

Lyrically, she relates an image that quickly emerges into a stark connection with those who are hearing her. One would say, its the true meaning of music manifested as her craft... the richness of her ability to improvise melody... a sense of texture that translates fluently within any given musical situation.

She effortlessly moves from orchestral configurations of Jazz or Classical with complicated meter and harmony, to contemporary Soul sessions with ease. No tricks, or showy vocal gimmicks, but the simplicity of knowing your instrument and the inspired use of it.

Waberi Jordan is comfortable enough to lead her own band, or blend seamlessly within an ensemble. She is capable enough to sing a cappella and be totally convincing, again relying on the gift of improvisation; call and answer - an art form that has long been lost, but found again here and embodied in her own time frame and music. As she puts it, "singing in tongues, future moments... memories songs."


Living Water 2003 - Dwight Trible "John Coltrane", "Ishmael"
The Trajectory of a Starah (Far I) 2007Waberi and The Mellyomatic
Love Part 1 2009 - Build An Ark, "Sunflowers in my Garden" et al.

Set List

A typical set list includes: 8-10 songs per set. My set usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour. I do a mix of original tunes and some standard Jazz songs as well. Depending on the players involved, we will try some of their original tunes as well.

Strange Fruit (standard)

Broken Fences




Black is the Color (Nina Simone)

After Hours (standard)