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WackyWayne breathes energy with a swagger that entertains like LL Cool J on the stage. In the truest sense, his street edgy raps gives "attitude" that his audience loves to party to all night long.


WackyWayne born Dwayne Martez McLeod grew up listening to Hip-Hop / Rap music. His first dream was to play in the NBA. Through unforseen occurrances, his dream led him in another direction.

This obstacle however paved his path attend music engineering school. WackyWayne learned all the in's and outs to engineering and musc production. But he quickly realized his true passion was to take over the mic.

While working on his lil brothers CD "J-ROC This Kid's on FIRE", WackyWayne wrote and produced several dozen songs of his own on the side. Being influenced by many of today's rap/hip-hop artist, to pin point anyone in particular would only take away from every single artist who brought something to the rap/hip-hop lifestyle.

On stage, WackyWayne's non-stop energetic performance keeps everyone sweating while their cheering for more. His raps can go from 0 to 60 back down to 45 then red lines the whole set. This always surprises his fans as well as gains new followers.

Performing at various venues around the Detroit Metropolitan area, WackyWayne has realized that he needs to take his act on the road and prove that he can rock the crowd in other states as well. What sets WackyWayne apart from others is how the crowd gravitates so close to him, one would think they're actually part of his show.

With a new album in the final production stages, various outlets in line waiting to receive his cd and a very anxious artist ready to put in work; WackyWayne will have something solid to build his future on. Most importantly, you can breathe easy when WackyWayne is on the stage for its a pleasure one never anticipates.



Written By: W.O.E Music Publishing (ASCAP)©2005

So Bossey, So Bossey

Pretty boy pretty flow yea I told you I'm cocky
Do my tracks like kinkos yall be tryin to copy
Niggas tryin to take bites out of Wayne like a aligator
Ugly girls I don't talk tell them hoes I'll holla later
Seat so soft like I'm ridin on tissue
Catch a cold from the ice (sneezes) now bless you
Check the phone list I got girls from to purple
And to see Wayne you need thick glasses like Steve Urkle
Aint no competition far as I'm lookin just nice
Get some sh*t from Jacob have nigg*z that's nice
Stay on my grind remember them days that I was broke
Mo yellow ice in my watch remind you of egg yolks
Spit line after line till I'm toppin the charts
See through these wack nigg*z like the top of the car
And in the hood all you hear is Wayne got feddy
Wit mo jewelws in my watch then some go dam confetti

I'm so bossey, b*tch get off me (x3)
B*tch get off (x2)

(Lyrics to sample only provided - If you want full song lyrics please e-mail request; Thank you.)

I get it (I get BREAD)

Written By: W.O.E Music Publishing (ASCAP)©2005

I get it, I get bread (x3)

Let me breath for a minute
I get it, I get bread

You feel me yeah I spit sick huh
And these b*tch nigg*z faker then a sit com
Dang this rap sh*t easy
I like my eggs extra cheesy
I'm with my boys in the hood like I'm Jeezy
And blowin stacks in the mall how my g's be
you can't deny me yeah I'm what's it
Put my chain in the hospital (It's so sick)
I'm the future yall nigg*z just catchin on
So many o's in my check it's looking like the o-zone
I'm doin numbers like I'm posted on wall street
Wit bricks on the road like the wizard of oz street
I told you once in chasing Russel cake
nigg*z hate these faggot a$s nigg*z wouldn't bust a grape
I'm the type to make yo whole show pause
Ice fallin out my chain they thought I started throwin snow balls

Boss up man I'm stayin flossed up 24 inches on the truck
Tell that n*gga Get Bread
Crispy Tees Air Force ONe'
And you know I'm in the club throwin up hunds
Tell that n*gga Get Bread
Cartier frames Al Wassan Leather on everybody pullin up chrome
Tell that n*gga Get Bread

I get it, I get Bread (x3)

(Lyrics to sample only provided - If you want full song lyrics please e-mail request; Thank you.)

Rock Rock Roll ROLL

Written By: W M P ASCAP- ©2005

Shake It Little Mamma, Shake It Little Mamma
Roll It Fellas, Roll It Fellas,
Shake It Little Momma, Shake It Little Momma

Holla at V if you want some rock shit
Holla at Wack when you hit the block bitch

I’m everywhere like bill board signs
And I be in every hood like the man from True Crimes

Lil bra, The Truth battle him, uh uhh
See him pullin up like that’s him Wack uhhuh

My diamonds match Cancun water
U see me coming like Taco Bell, head for the border.

I’ma RockStar, I live like one.
Quit starrin at my chain and go cop you one.

I should of put Kid Rocks on this
And my niggas drink 5ths man they say fuck CRYS

I’m the truth and I’m playin’ with you niggas
I need rovers like my dam nick name jigga

I’m the truth man
Watch the boy
And I stay in a whip
(Hold up, Hold up don’t they know they aint fuckin’ with you Wack)

ROCK, ROCK, ROLL, ROLL Ride that pole
Shake it lil mama, Break it lil mama
Shake it lil mama, Break it lil mama
ROCK, ROCK, ROLL, ROLL Blaze that smoke
Blow it fellas, Roll it fellas
Blow it fellas, Roll it fellas


* Full Length CD Titled - HOLD your BREATH or BREATHE EaZy - COMING SOON and currently in post production in both EXPLICIT and CLEAN versions.

Set List

*Can meet any time slot need up to 1 hr.
**All original music.
***Because WackyWayne has a variety of beats, his set is taylored towards the venue enviornment.