Spring Valley, New York, USA

Alternative indie flavor with a hard proto punk experimental Hip-Hop edge with a Rastafarian front-man, building a strong NYC following. There is no sound like Wadada, we have fused Rasta living and hip hop and world culture into our own brand of cohesive roots hop punk soul music.


Life & growth are a process of elimination & evolution. For this new year we wish to take our previous project, INI MLD Allstars, to another level. After 3 years of trials, tribulations & ultimate triumphs, we've chosen to adopt a new identity. One that better suits the natural progression that we've shared both spiritually & metaphysically as a band. The Rastafarian Movement coined an expression which INI attributes to the divinity & grace of love. This expression is "WADADA" & after a thoroughly creative & magickal year of growth & gratitude, found equally in our music & personal relationships, we feel this sentiment best fits the direction we are heading in. 

The Wadada Movement is a 6-piece unit consisting of Negus Kingsley as emcee & frontman; Jah Wza on guitar & vocals; LoveGun Thompson on bass; Liam Hagliacci on drums; M.J. Albin on percussion & Ryan Baker on rhythm guitar. With this intrinsic lineup we have elevated our live show into a non-stop fusion of uncanny energy and genre-smashing music. We look forward to producing an eclectic potpourri of tracks that have no borders or bounds. Our first record, "Good Over Evil," is only the beginning of our sonic journey toward a "new rising sun" the late Jimi Hendrix prophesied before his untimely death many moons ago. 

Get behind Wadada and help push this massive Movement to the multitudes!

Good Over Evil album available for free at www.wadadamovement.bandcamp.com

For show bookings, and information contact:

Wadada-the love movement.

Spring Valley, New York 10977


I Rise

Written By: InI MLD King Negus

“I Rise”- InI Mighty Lockdown

I rise to a spliff with pre war jitters

The big apple turned rotten and the taste is bitter

A piece of this American dream will send you to the shitter

You still 3/5 and you still just a nigger

Yeah we got high profile black folk in the game

But it seems like their soul was the cost of the fame

(yeah) they’ll smile for ya flicks and make the cover of Essence

But press em on the issues an you can’t feel their presence

A politician is a crook and his lies are concealed weapons

And the poor get shot at every major election

You could go door to door to check the casualties

But you check the prison construct you’ll see the strategy

The media is bigger than the beast could ever be

Cause they brain wash our minds on public T.V. for free

Misinformation is a tool

Control of our minds with lies is the key

2003 niggas was trying to get free

Can you feel me……..taka taka taka taka taaaaaa!!!

How easy the sheep get led to the slaughter

Soldier boy really think he gone die with honor

Left his wife and his son, new baby daughter

Killed by friendly fire now they got a flag for a father

Meanwhile in the hood the war takes out another

Black mother picking caskets to bury a brother

Gunned down in the streets by police undercover

16 under aged get em ‘for they get stronger

And you won’t see no expose on nightline

On the war against people of color for all times

But you will get two hour blocks, on each channel

To show you the demise of our black characters

We all on display forever to be scrutinized

Fallen black stars still worshiped by Europeans

Peons for the government who pees on the paper for yellow press

Pressed against your faces, pressed in subway cars filled with piss

When you see the lack of humanity in life it gets you pissed!!

But I rise….each and every day

I rise….trodding Selassie highway

I rise…. I got to find a way

I rise…..

I rise…..

InI Mightylockdown rise!!!!

K.I.M (Keep it Moving)

Written By: InIMLD

InI Mighty Lockdown- Keep it Moving

Everything was everything till everything got switched

Never knew what we had could grow into this

Overnight starwise from gulley to grand

My man’s and em pulled strings like acoustics

Mariachi minstrels glass menagerie

See my life in musical imagery

In between pages filled with pressure form pilot tips

My life flows out in black symmetry

Cyclically dispersing waves of birth trauma

Shifting chakras for positions on the guest list for Karma

Unroll my lotus an roll up my focus

Hold up now quote this

Majestic monolith mashing down the masses

Pull punches like cassius

With more bounce than an old mattress

Only a sweet queens vocals could match this synopsis

Urban blacks hit the mass transit chasing a dream but can’t catch it

Felling like I speak in vain

Way beyond the pain..

Learned to ingrain

Without explanation words can equal frustration

While ya queen lactating… meditating monetary beefs

Seems like beats are the only release when ya seeking relief

Refuge from the storm…who would love me when your gone

Thinking out loud that’s the reason why I’m putting it down

Not pussyfooting around making moves without making a sound

Still causing a commotion

The sun shines without flossing empty my heart for soul purpose

This wordsmith delivery guarantees the purchase

Told ma don’t fret just watch ya boy work this

Experimental consciousness with rap basics

Changed my name to the truth so face it

Pulling out disposable heroes that I kept in my basement

Gods greatest never had to be famous

Now hear this as the last born of Barbara lace this

Face it

Keep it movin what you choosing in ya life can’t let go

Make it happen show and prove it for yourself you done know

Keep it movin people tune in to your soul don’t let go

Got ya grooving bodies moving from the soul don’t let go

5:30 am as usual

I put one to the head and meditate


Keep it moving in the Vdub vanagon

Two bed a stove say no more be my residence on wheels

For real

sucker mc’s be bluffing bragging bowing for the doe

Ay yo word up suck a dildo

Jolo means it…don’t beat around the bush

Cause I dig in it

Living proof five pickney rising lovely ya dig

My powers manifest

Natural born rebel

Can’t stop won’t stop blowing up spots

Bongos on my head with more hair on my chinny chin

Than the average chic

No extensions

Many would like to see me trim

Pass the fire this is no fashion

Coming through with my African roots

Its traditional

just like what I wear

Authentic garments prodigal sons and dawtas

I chose a straight path

Life over death stick to it

Rough in Babylon still no time to front

For the trust and the fund steady on the grind

Don’t get it twisted never sold rocks

Fear no blocks

My father notorious Haile the I

On the battle field when they dropped the bomb

Could not bust

Stepped on it took a flick so the world could see

The powers of the almighty

Jah Rastafari