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Spring Valley, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010

Spring Valley, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Indie


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"The love of the Rastafarian culture and an equal love of good Hip Hop makes this one of the best debut albums we've heard in a while. I recommend that you check it out as soon as you can." - 'Conqueror' Album Review

"The group has a strong following in the underground circuit......With their guerilla-like approach to the entertainment industry. I would say that InI Mightylockdown is more than determined to succeed in their noble plot to uplift the face of music. I wish them well." - by Imani Powell

Fader Magazine highlighted InI single Fakin Jax as a Hip Hop classic.
- cassingles courtesy of Josh Peskowitz

damn this CD is hot I been waiting for a change in this rap world, it happened at a show in NYC when I saw InI MLD at the Knitting Factory their stage show was all energy from start to finish Negus and Jolomite flip it on these cats with the French flow and bigging up the Rastafarian culture and the beats are banging I had to get a neck brace I'll send y'all the bill. And when you peep the lyrics these guys are spitting" its all about drop tops range rovers and rims...but ya can't see that Armageddon coming...” you see we are getting shortchanged on the radio! COP THIS CD the wait is over.

- Fidel

Published: November 23, 1999

'Flare II AfricanARTiculations2'
The Kitchen

During the curtain calls on Saturday night, the audience was invited to stay for a party. The entire performance was something of a party.

''Flare II AfricanARTiculationz'' was an evening of exuberant music and dance that featured ''The Panther Peace,'' a multimedia work in progress to be shown in its entirety in 2003. The participants were M'Zawa Danz/Productionz, a group directed by Maia Claire Garrison, and INI Mighty Lock Down, rap artists associated with an organization called TrusFund.

The production included a multitude of short sequences, each with its own title listed in the program. But those printed words were deceptive. What one actually saw was a suite in which episode followed episode without hesitation so that all the parts added up to one seamless artistic whole.

The proceedings got off to a ritualistic start with King Negus and Hasgod, the rap artists, moving ceremonially as they chanted, followed by a solemn dance for women. Then festivities dominated the proceedings.

The choreography derived from African dance, modern dance, jazz and hip-hop, and what helped make it attention-getting was the way these various forms were combined. There were sharp contrasts between leaps and heavier movements requiring bodies to keep low to the ground. The dancers had a marvelous ability to isolate each separate part of their bodies, creating the illusion that all their muscles were ready to go off in some direction entirely on their own.

Most of the choreography was by Ms. Garrison, whose co-choreographers were Jeneen Cleare, Marquita Levy, Omagbitse Omagbemi and Alethea Pace. Christalyn E. Wright, a guest artist, choreographed and danced a solo. And the rhythmic motions of the INI rappers were choreographic in their own right. - The New York Times

Excerpts coming soon! - The Shield Magazine

"The most inspiring thing about InI Mighty Lockdown? Their commitment to the positive upliftment of their fellow brethren through positive media images and entrepreneurial opportunity." - Album Review

This was the first time I bought an album like this. The beats keep you moving through every track. MUST CHECK IT OUT!!!! A must have for every Hip Hop fan!!!
- Jenn

One of the best debut underground albums we've heard in a while
Reviewer: CA
InI has definitely been one of the main hip-hop names this past year. From the early beginnings with Pete Rock on the 'Fakin Jax' single back in '93 through to the recent bootleggings of the ill-fated full length album, InI is one of those crews that will never disappear. So it was a pleasant surprise to be sent this CD. King Negus and Jolomite were down with the original InI project back on Elektra and have continued to rock as a group ever since, while the other members split off to do their own things. In '95 the duo reformed as InIMLD - and now they come correct with a long-awaited full length album on their own label, whilst rocking their own Authentic I-Ware Garments clothing line. While you're not going to be getting the same production that Pete Rock provided for the InI stuff you already know, the beats here are still pretty damn good and keep things on the right track throughout the whole album. 'Soul Is Priceless' is a great way to get things going. Mellow vibes switch up the melody throughout the track as the MCs kick the conscious styles opposing all the materialistic rhymes that everyone seems to be dropping today. Without a doubt, one of the strongest tracks on here is the dope 'How Ya Livin' featuring Mr. Len. A nice smooth intro of cutting gives way to some observational lyrics about being caught up in the human race - and it's this higher approach where the MC takes the role of someone frozen in time that makes this particularly nice. It's a shame it was so short though, as I would like to have heard another verse or two on this one. The 'original street mix' of 'Still Priceless' is a lot more dramatic when compared to the earlier version and stands out as the album's darkest musical composition. 'A.P.B.' is the perfect closer to the CD: the first section of toe-tappingly programmed drums and some nice subtle samples will keep you wondering why the track fades and moves into the next beat after the first verse. The only gripes I have with this CD is that the production is great but you can't hear it clearly in places. Maybe a session of mastering and adjusting some levels would bring this some attention - in places it almost sounds like a live recording. But that's trivial. The love of the Rastafarian culture and an equal love of good hip-hop makes this one of the best debut underground albums we've heard in a while. I recommend that you check it out as soon as you can. Reviewed by: CA
- Spine Magazine.

What's Up Guys,
My name is Tom Ward and I am a DJ at 91.7 WMSE in Milwaukee. A friend burned me a copy of your CD last winter and it's the best hip-hop album I've heard in years. The best part is that by the time I got it, it was already like 10 years old. It stills sounds fresh as hell.
People over-use the phrase "laidbackgrooves," but I don't know any other way to describe it.Those fresh jams, kept it feeling like summer in my crib, even though it was snowing outside. Thanks, and if you guys do your own promotion send me a couple of records, I think my listeners know all the songs off your last one.
Tom Ward
- Milwaukee Radio DJ


Still working on that hot first release.



Life & growth are a process of elimination & evolution. For this new year we wish to take our previous project, INI MLD Allstars, to another level. After 3 years of trials, tribulations & ultimate triumphs, we've chosen to adopt a new identity. One that better suits the natural progression that we've shared both spiritually & metaphysically as a band. The Rastafarian Movement coined an expression which INI attributes to the divinity & grace of love. This expression is "WADADA" & after a thoroughly creative & magickal year of growth & gratitude, found equally in our music & personal relationships, we feel this sentiment best fits the direction we are heading in. 

The Wadada Movement is a 6-piece unit consisting of Negus Kingsley as emcee & frontman; Jah Wza on guitar & vocals; LoveGun Thompson on bass; Liam Hagliacci on drums; M.J. Albin on percussion & Ryan Baker on rhythm guitar. With this intrinsic lineup we have elevated our live show into a non-stop fusion of uncanny energy and genre-smashing music. We look forward to producing an eclectic potpourri of tracks that have no borders or bounds. Our first record, "Good Over Evil," is only the beginning of our sonic journey toward a "new rising sun" the late Jimi Hendrix prophesied before his untimely death many moons ago. 

Get behind Wadada and help push this massive Movement to the multitudes!

Good Over Evil album available for free at www.wadadamovement.bandcamp.com

For show bookings, and information contact:

Wadada-the love movement.

Spring Valley, New York 10977

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