Wade Lashley

Wade Lashley


Don't paint this guy in a corner! Lashley's comfortable singing a heartfelt ballad, a driving Alt-country song or one of his blues tinged rock numbers. His baritone is strong and smooth and he delivers these memorable songs with a soulful conviction.


I began playing guitar at 19 and a year or two later was in my first band. I performed with some really experienced people and they taught me alot. I started writing my own songs about this time and soon learned that creating original music was something I had to do.
I left Indiana in 1992 for Arizona. I took a break from music for awhile but I've been busy writing and performing since 2003. The last four years have been great for my music. I've written some of my finest material to date. I recorded a solo disc in 2005 titled "In from the Wilderness"and began recording a follow up in December '07 that I released on September 1st of this year. I've been performing with Keyboardist Steve Caldwell for the last 3 years and Brad Bays joined us 2 years back.
Influences and inspiration I look to Robbie Robertson, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, The JayHawks and John Hiatt. Ultimately I really like the less is more approach of Lucinda and Hank Williams too. Mostly I'm looking for honesty, passion and truth. These are great ingredients for music and life. I believe you'll agree after a listen, that these traits are present in my songs whether it's a live performance or recording. I'm going to continue my search and I hope you do the same.

Freddy Cellis of Rootstime.be magazine says....."Lashley is an artist that deserves our undivided attention".

Roots Highway's Nicola Gervasini compares Lashley to John Hiatt, Joe Ely and Graham Parker


"In from The Wilderness" solo recording featuring 11 original songs. released July of '05

"Someone Take the Wheel" 10 originals with full backing band. released September 1st '08

More music at WadeLashley.com

Set List

Over 2 hours of original music. I can include covers by: Johnny Cash, The Band, Greg Brown, Lucinda Williams,The JayHawks, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, and more. I'm flexible on the number and length of sets played. 2 sets of originals listed below:

Set 1
Broken Rear View
Right as Rain
Turn Around South Bound
Virginia Take Your Leave
True Blue Eyes
Healing Hands of Time
Highway Lines
Down Like the Rain
In from the Wilderness
Both Hands on the Wheel
The Reasons Why

Set 2
Rootless Wanderer
Coffee Tea or Whiskey
Drift Away
Waiting on the Rain
River Song
Shelter in my Arms
Determined Man
Movin' Gears
Maria Don't go Runnin'
Cross the Wire
Down Like the Rain
I Won't let you Down
Someone Take the Wheel

Set 1