Wade Live "Not Your Typical Magician"

Wade Live "Not Your Typical Magician"

 North Syracuse, New York, USA

Describing the Wade Live Show in two words would be very difficult. Dynamic and highly contagious would be a GREAT start! The show is definitely not your “typical " magic show! The music, costuming and style is something you would see on MTV!


Wade has traveled and performed magic extensively throughout the U.S. Based in central New York, Wade began performing professionally (part-time) for local events at the age of 16, and by 19 was a full time seasoned pro. Wade's talent and persistence helped land him a coveted apprenticeship with the top insiders of this secret society. Learning the well kept secrets of Houdini, Blackstone as well as the current magical inventors of our time.

In 2006, Wade received a phone call that every magician dreams of getting. He was hand-picked to be an understudy to star in one of the largest illusion shows in the world today. Wade was stunned with this offer and said YES! He packed his bags and took off to Asia in Jan of 2007 for theatrical training. Many of the performers who have performed at Sandcastle, (known throughout the world for its productions of cutting-edge, lavish magic and illusion shows) wind up headlining on the Las Vegas Strip! The show, "Magical Flight" featured 150 parakeets, 20 doves, 3 macaws, 2 toucans, 1 cockatoo, 2 tigers, and the most dangerous of all...5 dancers. The Sandcastle Dinner Theater is located in Saipan, a U.S. Commonwealth not far from Guam. Saipan is a major tourist draw for Japan, Korea, and China; and is more commonly referred to as the "Las Vegas of Asia."

Wade Live provides a dynamite show that audiences talk about long after the show is over! Using a combination of music, live animals, comedy and theatrics that will leave you breathless, Wade Live is second to none! Wade is currently performing for luxury cruise lines, casinos, colleges, restaurants, corporate conventions as well as a multitude of other venues. With a variety of shows ranging from close-up and sleight of hand to large stage productions, Wade Live will astound, mystify and thoroughly entertain your audience.

Set List

Wade made a promise to himself and his clients, that he will produce a show that is like no other. A show that will have your audience laughing in their seats and wanting more. Wade believes that is show will be such a hit and fun for your audience, he offers a 100% money back guarantee! That's right! If you feel the show did not live up to your expectations and your audience agrees... Wade will refund you the cost of the show! Simple as that! How can you refuse such an offer?! Do the right thing! Call us now!

Length of Show:
Usually 45-60 minutes, depending on the audience. (Adults can enjoy 60 minutes, kids can sit still for 40-50 minutes.) The show can be shortened to any length or broken up into two completely different 30 minute shows. Wade Live has performed as little as 15 minutes as an opening act, and 90 minutes for an audience that didn't want him to end! Wade also has a lot of fun strolling around and entertaining people.