Dreadpool Parker

Dreadpool Parker

 Trenton, New Jersey, USA
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Wade Wilson, Raymond Strife & Dready Mercury are all solo artists in the Trenton,NJ music scene. Pooling talent & resources they have formed a "super group" Dready heavily on production, they encompass a variety of styles & influences with hip-hop as the common thread.


Wade Wilson- The idea sprang to life as soon as I saw Wade Wilson's Cookie Monster socks and started thinking about Katy Perry's Elmo shirt: a concert with Katy and Wade. Why not? She's a fun pop singer who kisses devotchkas and likes it, and he's a punk-rocking rapper Funkadelic nerd with rasta dreads and fingernails painted black, and so it seems like their Sesame Street wardrobes and personalities are bound for each other. A Katy-Wade collaboration can work --think of it as the first Santa Barbara-Trenton music explosion. And that's good thing because Wade Wilson is one of Trenton's unique individuals, a Wonka-like conversationalist who can discuss "A Clockwork Orange" and the '90s push to stamp out of individuality as well as the unspoken depression in black America. In the process he sounds like a professor. Sharp as a whip. He's a lively dude who expresses his ideas and opinions whether you like them or think he's full of it. -by Joey Kulkin

Raymond Strife- Not too long ago, I received an email from a foul-mouthed punk, from Trenton, New Jersey, named Raymond Strife. Before he started to get into rapping, Raymond was in a few punk bands throughout the years… which could explain the aggressive, no-boundaries rhyming. Now he’s rapping and drinking at various punk shows, and hip hop shows, around the country. Kind of an introduction to his style and sound, he sent me a link to his 2010 album.

In April of 2010, Raymond dropped a 15-track album, called “Self-Loathing Egomaniac“. The songs stumble between topics of party life, women, friends, good times, bad times, drunken nights, bloodied fights, sexual stories with moms and hookers, and more. It features other like-minded individuals Rocky, Swisschz, Roebus One, and Fish. Production from Poltergeist, Ryan Ecko, Lerch Lightning, and Soundcrusha. Let me just say that… if you like Stillborn Identity or MC Homeless, as I do, you’ll probably like Raymond Strife.- Triffology via Crayon Beats.com

Dready Mercury-


Superbad -Wade Wilson solo mixtape
Self Loathing Egomaniac-Raymond Strife solo album